How to Be a Model

The dream of many women’s parade by the most respected names in the world of fashion, is treading the best runways in the world, is being photographed by famous photographers for the most read fashion magazines in the industry. Want to be a model? Continue reading.

What Kind of Model?

It’s not enough to be tall, thin and beautiful to be a model of success in the fashion world. First of all you need to find your niche, that is, what kind of model is? In what area of fashion fits or stands out more? Being a model is to use your best attributes to sell clothing and accessories, expressing the spirit of the runway, the fashion magazines or Haute Couture. Learn about the different types of existing models and find out which profile fits better:

  • Haute Couture model:this type of models are the most sought after by fashion houses of Haute Couture that require young models (14-19 years of age), with long necks, high cheekbones and square jaws. In terms of body, the requirements are as follows: measures 34B-24-34, a height of at least 1m80cm; a weight between the 49 kg and 59 kg (provided that it is proportional to the height); and what a view between the sizes 36 (S) and 38 (M). In addition to being very well paid, this type of model has to know parade.
  • Editorial Model:having many similarities with the high-fashion models, an editorial model makes exclusively photo, i.e. his works consist of productions for fashion magazines or commercials. Although win less money than the high-fashion models, the publishing models need to know and to pose in front of the cameras.
  • Runway model:one of the most demanding template types, a runway model must have, in addition to fabulous legs, a body with specific measures and a solid floor and worthy of any runway.
  • Showroom model:this model type is hired to wear clothes and show them at a party at a Carnival or a boutique – usually is asked to model that circulate and displaying the garment, which is the main goal.
  • Commercial/advertising Model:a model that works in this area is usually hired to display product in print advertising in magazines, newspapers, billboards, bus shelter and bus. Requires this type of model, the ability to display a variety of facial expressions, emotions and body poses.
  • Catalog model:as the name indicates, the catalog models do catalogue work for clothing, footwear, accessories or other products; the body type required (measurements, weight, height) varies according to the target audience of the catalog itself.
  • Promotional Model:a promotional model is one that works at trade shows, conventions or halls, where displays certain products, distributes leaflets and/or answer questions; This is a great starting point for beginners.
  • Specialized Model:this type of model has a body part exceptionally beautiful, case of hands, legs, torso, neck, feet or hair; the model displays solely that part of the body, such as a Nail Polish ad if it is a hand model or tights if a leg model.
  • Petite Model:has a height between 1m52cm and 1m55cm; dress up between 32 sizes (XXS) and 34 (XS); This type of model is used for jobs that have the same target audience.
  • Plus Model:measures between 1m52cm and 1m82cm; wear between the sizes 42 (L) and 44 (XL); This type of model is used for jobs that have the same target audience.
  • Character Model:a model of this type is one that, more than a raving beauty, have a look familiar, perfect to portray “ordinary people”.

How to Be a Model 1

Create a Portfolio

The portfolio of a model is your calling card, i.e. what you will present to potential clients when making a casting sets. The portfolio or the book of the model must be composed by their best photographs, as well as for work already carried out in the fashion world. Should not miss a photo portrait, a photo of whole body and a moving picture. In addition, must bear the following information: weight, height, hair color, eye color, bust, waist and hip size clothes & footwear. The ideal is to show a variety of photographs, taken by different photographers and, preferably, with diverse styles, showing your versatility as a model, but always taking care to highlight its strongest features. Another important tip is to keep your portfolio up to date, periodically renewing photographs that are, at the bottom, the bigger and better your calling card when it comes to casting sets-choose always for quality instead of quantity in terms of choice of pictures that will compose your portfolio.

The Next Step: Modeling Agencies

Models agencies who represent the models, indicating them to the jobs that come from customers/advertisers. To contact the modeling agencies for the first time it is important to have something that can leave in your possession, that is, as she’s not going to let your portfolio or book, must have a sample of it. This is the “composite card”, which is nothing more than a business card A5 with some photos printed on the same, as well as your personal information and body. Then, what is the best way to find a modeling agency that represents? Are three: spontaneously (mail or deliver in person at your agency “composite card”); by appointment (schedule a meeting where you can submit your portfolio in person, leaving still a “composite card”); through a casting call for models (many modeling agencies mark open days to make casting of models and thus get new models).

How to Be a Model 2

Care with the Modeling Agencies

Be represented by a good modeling agency is a great way to enter into the world of fashion, get jobs, create an interesting portfolio and build a successful career. When choosing a modeling agency takes into account the following details:

  • Always make a search of the best modeling agencies of your country and if possible, ask for references.
  • Know that the best modeling agencies do not need to advertise your services, or shall bear that are the best on the market.
  • Be wary of modeling agencies that guarantee work to all their models, with exorbitant salaries – get a job as a model depends on numerous factors and values of remuneration involved also vary.
  • Be careful with the modeling agencies that asked soon money: value of registration; offer a photo session, but has to pay the makeup or the pictures; require attendance at a course or class that must be paid by you.
  • Ask everything you wake up with the modeling agency be placed in writing and never sign any document without reading it in advance and/or consult an attorney.

How to Be a Model 3

Care As Aspiring Model

To be successful in the fashion world, a model needs to keep your image always 100%, after all, that’s your precious work tool. But not just beauty and body lives a super model, need to have attitude, know and learn Excel in the midst of so many other models that seek the same path to success. These are some tips that should take into account:

  • To your first impression is everything, so dress accordingly. Learn about the clothes that you are well, accentuating their best features.
  • Always keep the skin, the hair, the teeth, the nails of the hands and feet and with a healthy appearance.
  • Learn how to apply makeup, but never overdo it on your use, especially when the castings of models.
  • Follow a healthy diet and drink lots of water – keep a healthy body, inside and out.
  • Practice exercise on a regular basis, to ensure a body toned and in shape, as well as a good posture.
  • Sleep well and enough, so that you never introduce with dark circles.
  • Search for poses of models like in fashion magazines and practice them in front of the mirror. If a runway model, perfect your floor.
  • Learn how to work in front of the camera, trying out different poses, training the body language and the different emotions that might have to do. Can attend some acting lessons or dance to help keep more natural and flexible when you are being photographed.