How to Assemble Looks Fresh

Summer is a season that demands that we use less clothing, due to the high temperatures are practically forced to use shorter pieces, without sleeves and lighter fabrics. So today I bring you some essential tips for the look, so you’ll have a summer full of style, attitude and great elegance.

How to Assemble Looks Fresh 1

Every occasion will ask a different length, for example, at work it’s not indicated that you use short clothes, like shorts, mini skirts or short dresses, the shorter length ideal for use in the workplace is of at most one inch above the knees. And if you don’t feel comfortable with this length you can choose to wear lighter fabrics and feet use creeping sandals, they are great for you handle this heat, not to get too informal avoid slippers!

The fabrics for the summer are many, among them the most suitable and you’ll find pieces in stores are the chiffon, silk, viscose and linen.

How to Assemble Looks Fresh 2

The pants pantaloons and long skirts are a great choice for more formal occasions, let your look super stylish. Finally, in feet, you can opt for clogs that are super high or high-heeled sandals or medium.

Already for casual occasions of everyday life or for day trips you can opt for shorts, mini skirts and dresses, the main tip for you can mount a fresh look and without being vulgar is: when using a shorter piece use a blouse more behaved to balance, can be a hit, a sleeveless shirt, something along that line, don’t use anything too tight and short. And vice versa, if the handle is more loosey-goosey you should choose a fairer blouse.

How to Assemble Looks Fresh 3

Well now you have the right tips to enjoy the summer with great style! Questions and suggestions leave us comments.