How to Assemble an Ideal Look for Work

Wake up every day to work is very good. The bad part is the time lost looking for the perfect outfit to wear that day. We don’t want to keep repeating the same visual, for more practical as that may be, is not cool.

It is possible to mount easily and quickly looks for work, just knowing combine certain parts. You should consider choosing something that you want, after all, you spend the whole day with her.

Basicao too much can give a picture of someone out of date and use parts that are always in high may pass the image of someone who only cares about the clothes you’re wearing, not the professional side.

Looks for formal jobs

How to Assemble an Ideal Look for Work 1

If you work in accounting, in law offices or others who require a little more seriousness, the clothes should match with the environment. Typically, these companies give employees a Handbook of behavior within the company, which makes enough day to day.

Button shirts, preferably unique colors, but who may have a slight embroidery of the same color are excellent for use in this type of environment.

As for the bottom of the pants of tailoring and the pencil skirt were the perfect combination. A nice pair of heels can finish off the look. As for the colors, try not to overreact too much and use warm colors with less frequency as red and orange.

Another piece of clothing to get really good is the tube model, dress is a real classic when it comes to looking for work. In fact, in addition to this model, many other dresses are good for this kind of environment, but we need to pay close attention to the length: always at the knees or, at most, 3 fingers above them.

How to Assemble an Ideal Look for Work 2

Casual looks, but not both

There are also those workplaces that are part of the middle ground: not so much, not too little. Here you will have a greater variety of clothes to wear. For example, you can take advantage of to use stamped parts, colored jeans, heels lower, wider and comfortable.

A dress, with a more fluid and tissue a looser cut also looks great, but still keep an eye on the length. The jeans is a great companion to these places, but try to be more creative and use other parts. Skirts of various models, such as the pleated for example, gives a modern look without leaving the visual stripped.

Looks for informal work

Calm down! That doesn’t mean you can go with a short jeans full of tears, shame on the foot and a shirt of political propaganda. Here you can invest in patterned clothes, especially pants & accessories too like a maxi necklace. The top can be due to a basic t-shirt.

Use maxi prints and overlaps of pieces are also excellent choices. As footwear you can invest in a jump anabela or platform, sneakers, Sandals trip or even tennis, depending on the model.

How to Assemble an Ideal Look for Work 3