How to Apply Wallpaper for Room Decor

The wallpaper is easy and simple way to decorate a room. When it comes to a room, the wallpaper can be advantageous as it allows you to switch easily, if you want to change the decor of your room.

How to Apply Wallpaper for Room Decor

However it is necessary to take some care in choosing the ideal wallpaper for your room. The ideal is that it doesn’t have very vivid colors or motifs (drawings) very loaded, because the bedroom is a place for your rest and relaxation, being preferable to use quieter colors such as pastels, that transmit greater peace to the environment.

After you choose your wallpaper, you must do theĀ installation. This step is fairly simple, however some people prefer to leave in the hands of a professional. If you like to “put his hand in the cookie jar”, certainly won’t find it difficult to apply the wallpaper on your own. Then, gather the necessary materials and hands-on!

How to Apply Wallpaper for Room Decor 1


First, prepare the walls in which the paper will be applied. Clean them with a damp cloth and use sandpaper to remove any imperfection that might hinder the implementation of your wallpaper. Remove also the little boxes of taken before start application.

Then prepare the glue. To this end, dilute the glue in water (according to the instructions that will appear on the packaging of the product) and wait for about 1 hour and a half until the glue has completely diluted. The adhesive ideal for applying wallpaper is the glue in powder, because it has no smell and you do not need to leave the environment after application to let the smell of glue out (as happens when we apply some types of ink).

How to Apply Wallpaper for Room Decor 2

With the glue ready, measure the corners of your wall and cut the pieces of paper that will be used in your wall. Line the floor of your room with newspaper to prevent the glue splash and ruin your floor.

Now, with the aid of a brush painting (which can be found easily in deposits of building materials) or a large brush, rinse the glue on the back of the paper making moves from the Center to the edges of the paper. Wait for about a minute and pass one more hand glue. The glue must be applied in abundance, because in case you get any part without glue, your paper will not be well applied and you will lose it.

How to Apply Wallpaper for Room Decor 3

Now, stick the paper to the wall starting from the ceiling towards the ground. Use a spatula to give outline to the corners and to remove the air bubbles that may form between the paper and the wall. In, pass the paper over the holes and after drying, cut in the shape of a cross with the aid of a stylus to embed the role inside the holes of the shot, so that when you put the box again, not any flaw in the paper.

Finally, remove the excess paper with the aid of a stylus and strengthen creases of the ends with the spatula. Let it dry for at least 24 hours or according to the manufacturer’s instructions of the glue and ready! Now, just enjoy your room completely redecorated.