Guide of the Pictures: Learn What to Use and How to Combine

No matter the season, the prints reign absolute in the world of fashion. So I did the manual for you to learn how to combine them and in which you must bet to not commit any fashion faux pas

The it-girl Aida Ships knows well how to mix the main fashion prints

You can’t deny that any look is more fun and colorful with a good pattern. But will they all fall well? And is there even a few mix of prints that married best? I have been searching and gave an end to all these questions. Below, a practical manual of the darlings of the moment prints and How to combine the main of them.

Guide of the Pictures Learn What to Use and How to Combine 1

  1. Victorian Print
    The name may be unusual, but you must have seen this print model around. With many ties, ruffles and asymmetrical shapes, this style goes back to centuries of Kings and Queens. Chic, huh? Effective choice for those who prefer a more classic style and reserved.
  2. Patriotism 1000
    Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Madonna are some of the celebrities who love to display your love for the country in its looks and accessories. Be on t-shirts, bomberjackets, shorts, bags and even boots, the prints of flags – whether they are English, American, Brazilian – are beautiful and give life to the production.
  3. Stripes and poás
    These two prints are beautiful in any woman and the best: fall well in any color or play in shirts, pants, dresses. So, can use and abuse them without thinking twice. But a tip: vertical stripes lengthen, while horizontal stripes make you fat, so beware huh?
  4. floral Invasion
    Has way more feminine than with a good floral print? The flowers give any woman a more romantic, fresh and youthful and can be used at any time of day, whether at work, at lunch Sunday at the Mall or the movies. Combined with transparencies and necklines the flowers a sensual footprint.
  5. Like a constellation
    Modern and fun pattern, is a mistake to think that the stars can only be used for younger women. In sweaters, coats or accessories, the stars highlight the your look. I guarantee that, with them, you will draw attention where pass-and for the right reasons.
  6. Animal print
    The snake, Jaguar prints or alligator, if used in moderation, can be incorporated into the look at any time of the day. It is worth noting that this type of pattern tends to increase and highlight the areas in which they are used, so be careful when choosing shirts in animal printif you have large breasts, or pants, skirts and shorts with these prints if you have hips or butt a lot.
  7. Army
    Already done time combination: moss green + camouflaged fell in like the fashionistas. Combined with jeans, leggings, long skirts and lace dresses, even the army continues to print everything in 2016. Its sober colours are even more beautiful if used fresh days with boots and coats.
  8. Chess
    If there’s a democratic pattern in the fashion world, it’s chess! And may be used in any type of play, she is beautiful in women of all ages, the more fat to thin. Who’s with a few extra pounds and need to disguise the chubbiness can also use the chess, the trick is to choose prints darker, like green, Navy Blue and Brown.

Fabulous mix

Guide of the Pictures Learn What to Use and How to Combine 2
Now that you know which pictures to use, how about learning to combine them? Take a look at the main combinations!

Black and white: the two classic colors and timeless look great together. To combine different prints in these two colors, I suggest you mix poás with stripes, or even flowers in large and small drawings. Finish by adding a third color to look, like a vibrant yellow, pink or blue klein.

Gradient Colors: who’s afraid to dare, but wants to get away from the black and white can match any pattern above since they have similar colors. The trick is simple: identify one or more colors that the prints have in common and that’s it. Be careful with purses, bags and shoes. Looks colourful ask for details.

A look, a pattern: an idea that I love is to mount a production with the same pattern. It seems exaggerated, but pieces in colors more closed tend to harmonize the look. Result? Elegance from head to toe!

A pattern to reign absolute: here, the intention is to leave a plate stand out on the look. For this, choose vibrant colors and large drawings to contrast with other more basic and with smaller print.

Striped Stripe, with balls, balls with flowers: I really like the combination of two prints with the same time, so the look is modern, without drawing much attention – and not to mention the chances of error are much smaller. The reason? They don’t fight each other, on the contrary, they complement each other.

Guide of the Pictures Learn What to Use and How to Combine 3

A little help from Accessories: who isn’t very close into the mix of prints, or would you rather start slowly, you can start combining the accessories. Need suggestions: try to combine a shoe, a scarf or a bag emblazoned with the pattern of a part of your look.

For the brave, mixed three prints: the challenge here is great, but if done successfully, the production is beautiful. The secret is to choose two stamped parts that look and a third that contrast enough with the other. This third can be even one of the accessories. You total freedom to do the combination you want!

Annotated tips?