Funchal Travel Guide


Funchal is the vibrant capital of Madeira. The capital of Madeira offers a great selection of hotels and an excellent shopping and restaurant offer. Greenery, wine and an effortless city break – in Funchal you can enjoy the best of the island of Madeira. Funchal, the capital of the island of Madeira, also known for its title wine, is especially popular with nature and active holidaymakers.


A green port city

Funchal is located on the North Atlantic island of Madeira in the Portuguese Autonomous Community . Funchal is the capital of Madeira, home to most of the island’s approximately 250,000 inhabitants. In the oasis-like city, you can enjoy things like golf, fishing or horse riding, or go hiking along the irrigation canals.

Located on the south coast of Madeira, Funchal was founded in the early 15th century on the edge of a naturally shaped harbor basin, and the city has historically been an important port for ships trying to cross the Atlantic. Funchal is also today a popular and important port city, on the shores of which many cruise ships thrive.

Madeira’s incredible green scenery is a unique experience, and the island’s greenery can also be enjoyed in the city of Funchal. Funchal, for example, is home to Madeira’s famous Botanical Gardens.

Madeira is especially known as an active and natural destination. Favorite hobbies in Funchal include algae hiking and golf. The city of Funchal also has many attractions, the most famous of which are the Old Town and numerous wine cellars.

Pleasant climate for Finnish tastes

Madeira is known for its pleasant and year-round mild climate. Summers in Funchal are the warmest time of the year, with daytime temperatures rising to an average of 25 degrees. In winter, daytime temperatures drop to around 20 degrees and rainfall is more frequent than in summer.

The weather is especially variable in the winter months in Funchal and there is also a lot of wind in the city. You should also prepare for the trip with warm clothes and an umbrella. Especially inland and mountain hikes often require more long-sleeved and leggings.

Pleasant climate for Finnish tastes

A nature lover’s dream

The island of Madeira is especially known for its magnificent nature and Funchal also offers nature lovers a lot to see and do. The town itself is really green and embroidered with flower plantations, but more vegetation can be found in the gardens and surrounding areas. The Botanical Garden is one of Funchal’s most popular attractions, where you can admire the richness of the island’s variety.

You can start exploring the surrounding terrain and nature from Funchal, for example, by hiking or taking part in algae hikes along the irrigation canals. There are a total of up to a couple of thousand kilometers of hiking trails in Madeira.

Water sports and fishing are also popular activities in Madeira, so in Funchal you can take part in the sea excursions of many tour operators. Funchal is also known as a good golf destination, as the island’s green greens can be putted all year round.

Wines and entertainment

Funchal is the entertainment center of Madeira and there are plenty of restaurants and bars in the city. Idyllic eateries are also located in the nearby villages, where meals made especially from fresh seafood are taste experiences at their best.

In the town’s wine cellars, you should sample the island’s specialty: Madeira wine. Many wineries offer a variety of wines to taste, and at the same time the tourist can also get to know the winemaking. Wines can and should also be bought as gifts.

Those who enjoy evening life will enjoy Madeira in the center of Funchal, where there are many places to spend the night from discos and nightclubs to bars and music clubs. The Casino is one of the most famous night spots in the city.

Fashionable Madeira

Funchal can be considered not only the island of Madeira, but also one of the most fashionable shopping places in Portugal, where shopping bags are guaranteed to be filled with trendy high fashion. Good shopping in Funchal is shoes with a wide selection. Local crafts, such as embroidery, are also a good gift.

There are plenty of shops in Funchal and the city also has a couple of shopping malls. Little boutiques are sprinkled here and there along the streets and alleys, but the biggest shopping paradises are outside Funchal. The price level in Funchal is close to Finnish.



On a leisure flight to

There are no direct scheduled flights from Finland to Funchal, but Tjäreborg’s selections include direct charter flights to the holiday destination.

Madeira Airport is approximately 20 km from Funchal. Flights to Funchal cost around € 500-700 on low-cost stopovers and around € 1,000-1,200 on a charter flight. Funchal is also a popular package holiday destination.

Hotels and accommodation in Madeira

Funchal is the tourist center of Madeira, so the city has most of the hotels on the island and more are constantly being built. There are plenty of accommodation options, from more modest hotels to luxury accommodations.

Hotels can be found especially in the feel of the city center and sprinkled next to the beach, but also outside the city center.

The cheapest accommodation in Funchal costs around 30-40 euros per night and the most expensive up to a couple hundred euros. On average, a hotel night in Funchal costs around € 70-80.

Getting around is easy

The most convenient way to get around Funchal is by local bus. The bus network in the city is comprehensive and the trips are cheap: a round trip bus in the urban area costs about a couple of euros. Buses are also a good option for longer trips, as a trip to other destinations in Madeira costs around 5-6 euros.

Getting around by taxi is reasonably priced for short trips to Funchal’s metropolitan area, but the price is good to agree in advance. In the Funchal area, a taxi ride costs about 5-7 euros.



Botanical Garden

Located right next to the center of Funchal, the Botanical Gardens are one of the city’s must-see destinations. In addition to countless plant species, the garden also offers a magnificent view over the city to the sea. The entrance fee to the Botanical Garden is about 3 euros.

Handicrafts at the Embroidery Museum

Embroidery is an integral part of Madeira’s culture and the handicrafts written on the island are also known and appreciated around the world. At the Embroidery Museum, a tourist can learn about the history and output of the craft, and perhaps at the same time grab a few tips for their own hobby as well.

The jewelery museum is located along Rua Visconde de Anadia.

The idyll of the old town

The old town is an idyllic part of Funchal. The old part of the city dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries, and in addition to residential buildings, churches and chapels, among other things, have been preserved from past periods. There are also many shops and small restaurants in the old town.

Funchal Cathedral

Funchal’s Sé Cathedral is located right in the heart of the city, next to the Old Town. The church was completed in 1514.



The best activities in Funchal

  1. A visit to the botanical garden
  2. Levadavealall
  3. Golf
  4. Fishing
  5. Shopping