Frequently Asked Questions About The Oberwerth William Camera Bags

Since I have spoken very much about my Oberwerth William camera bag in the last two months in the social medias, I have reaped what I have sown so also. Questions about questions. I want to post time that collect the most frequently asked questions and here with this post my answers for others who may have the same questions in my head.

Scratched The Notebook By The Zipper Handle Of The Small Inside Pocket?

This is a good and legitimate question. I’m quite often transporting behind the photo tray at the inner back of the William my Macbook Pro 13″ retina and the rubs then actually the metal closure of the zipper. This could scratch. To get this before I put in my cleaning cloth always exactly so that this plan is located at and lies between the metal Griffchen and the notebook to the notebook. This is sufficient for protection. I don’t scratch this, although I’m very often so transporting it.

Easily Fit A Leica SL?

It’s a very good question. Since I had to anyway because of an another appointment after Wetzlar have I visited shop in Wetzlar at Leitz Park in the Leica with the William under the arm and test packed that there times. As you can see on the images below it is doable.Oberwerth has on its side an Pack example like the set from Leica SL 24-90 and 90-280 matches. I chose the loading times with the classical form, so how I would carry it. Whether that’s through with you as “fits” or “don’t go” I leave yourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Oberwerth William Camera Bags 1

Expresses The Closure By A Leather Of Tab If You Often Use The Upper?

I did not at first understood this question, what was meant exactly that. The questioner wanted to know whether the lower of the two metal pins pushes through the leather loop to which quasi the socket of the Loxx CAP is attached, and then”whets off the leather at this point”. Since I use the upper PIN to 90%, so exactly how how it wants to know the questions, I can tell you after about 40 appearances and this bag that I no wear can determine on the leather. The metal pins are also in no way sharp.

How Robust Is The Leather Really?

Well, what can I say you? I have had good 40 x in the last 60 days in the bag and really have not spared them. I’m also not a single scratch on the bag, not on the ground, and the bag was already in the port of Hamburg, on the cobbled streets of the center of Brussels, on the concrete floor in front of the Allianz Arena in Munich as well as seashells in the sand of Fehmarn. Nothing could have so far something this bag. It fascinates me even as all-really-all previous bags had no scratches always after the first two missions, but when William.The little Prince must somehow have something special in the leather… The leather of the Oberwerth Kate is by the way the same and my dear wife uses your Kate for well over a year now regularly as “Immerdabei handbag” and has also still not a single scratch. And what so everything must… put up with what I tell you a handbag there.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Oberwerth William Camera Bags 2

Is The Leather Not Too Soft To Friends?

I like very much this soft “cuddly” leather. I was also skeptical concerning the use, since my previous camera bags made of leather all “fixed”. The “form” is but the photo-insert”the bag and not the soft leather of the case. So to answer the question clearly: no, the leather is awesome as it is!

Not Much Need The Handle?

I also had this fear. I bought to optional a hand grip of the Oberwerth Kate to which fits like a glove and can be hooked into the metal brackets of the shoulder strap. After my order of the “spare part” the Kate I heard later that a few days exactly this idea with the handle attached to the side of subsequent Oberwerth Porto is also implemented. I thought so in the right direction.

What Are The Ears Or Still Water’s Coming In?

Weather of recent weeks lies on the road from Sun, rain and to heavy snowfall openly and in all weathers William was nothing with me. I had so far seen no water penetration. The ears enough so as protection against humidity.

Should I Buy The William Or The Compagnon Messenger?

Frequently Asked Questions About The Oberwerth William Camera Bags 3

This is more a matter of taste which I definitely can’t answer, because I do not know your taste or know what want to carry her how and where. Both bags are the absolute top class and both pockets-and both manufacturers-I can fully recommend 100%. I stand fully behind both companies well connected with both companies as a blogger and photographer and have to be able to speak the franchise with two companies also about developments and upcoming things. You will make a mistake anyway with none of the two pockets. Which better fits to you, you must know or in case of doubt do it how I-simply use both.

I hope I could help a little with this quite frequently asked questions and corresponding answers? Visit this help center for get more information.

In the many traffic to this bag I have to send probably but soon a Bill to Koblenz to upper value. Storms made.,.

I hope this post helps you somewhat. Am but also about other issues, because I can see that this isn’t the only one busy the ish like with photo pockets.