Extreme Exoticism Is The New Name of The Great Campaign Spring-Summer 2014 Givenchy

Givenchy collections are completely unpredictable. I do not speak of its staging or its campaigns, we already know that they will be everything less discrete and little conspicuous. Rather I am referring to items in its collection, normally difficult to match or include in our wardrobe Fund but who, for reasons that are beyond human reasoning, are inordinately successful rarely)the well known rottweiler of Givenchy has given so much war).

With its collection spring-summer 2014 something similar happens: garments whose only action scenario seems what the gateway is great but who, however, have painted to many war in the front-row of this year. It is sufficient that any celebritie encapriche of its futuristic sweatshirts so that the success of the company is secured.

The dunes of Erg Chebbi, the site chosen by the maison for this new campaign, are a series of vast sweep sand hills on the edge of the desert of the Sahara in Morocco. This particular vision of African art and inspiration that emanates from the dunes on the part of Riccardo Tisci, It has been the leitmotif of the entire collection and which has been captured in the sweatshirts, tights, pants and shirts that presents for the new season.

Tecno-tribales topics in which the most futuristic prints expression contrasts with forms rock and rough in a colour palette that the earthy and Red hues dominate the whole purpose? focus the collection in the juxtaposition between city and nature, as well as the bright primary colors, patterns of tribal style and urban silhouettes of the latest collection of Tisci.

A collection whose importance lies in the study of colours and patterns but which, at first sight, It seems difficult (at least in the male sector) that I see in the street. And I say at first sight because as we have already mentioned, with Givenchy one never knows. Attentive to the collection of jerseys and sweatshirts that just gives us a scare when least expect it…