European Vs American Basketball

What to prefer? Two very different ways of seeing the basketball.

In the month of February, there have been two of the world’s basketball events having more attraction for the public in general in our country.

On the one hand we enjoyed the famous weekend of the stars of the American League, where the best players in the world, are three days of pure entertainment, fun, leisure and with great acceptance around the world. The mattes, triple competitions, skills and the two parties that are disputed (where there are no defenses) get a great television deal.

Meanwhile in Spain, took place the famous event of The Cup, in which four days we can see seven basketball games of a very high level, where year after year surprise us with surprises that is making even more beautiful and interesting this sporting event. It no doubt as soon as you can, go see one entirely.

European VS American Basketball

What Prefer: Collective Or Individual Game?

In my personal opinion, I’m a person who likes the sport of basket in all its glory, I am passionate about European basketball, if I get to choose between a game of the American League and a match of the European League, I think I have not I think at any time, you would always pull on the old continent.

European League Basketball Match

European League Basketball Match

The difference between the European and the American is in the physical and tactical issue, says European players are better equipped technically and that is proving to be with over the years due to increasingly more players can find these features in the United States, in American basketball, without detracting from the technique, what predominates is the physical work and muscle.

American League Basketball Match

American League Basketball Match

Another thing that we usually give an account about the differences between the two models of basketball for basketball fans is how it is possible that in a 40-minute game, it does cost to reach 80 points and one of 48 minutes is rare to not pass 100 points?

I think those who are addicted to our sport and coaches think as I do, you can learn much more than matches that we see in our continent to which we could see early hours where if you don’t run, don’t play.

Something that pleases me more, is that the incursion of European players in the United States is doing that the tactic will work as a team and we can see teams with a great game on computer with are San Antonio de el Oeste.

Even if this opinion another thing I can’t deny, it is that at some point in my life I have to cross the pond to live from inside the big show surrounding during the course of a major league game in the world.