End of Pregnancy: What Mom Needs to Know?

For moms, especially the first-timers, the end of pregnancy is the time that generates greater anxiety. Is when the baby is close to being born and some doubts about how should be the last few days may arise in the mind of many pregnant women.

End of Pregnancy: What Mom Needs to Know?

Clinically speaking, the doctor can detect various signals that the day of labor is increasingly close. Some of those signs are:

  • The loss of CAP (a type of mucus that forms in the cervix, preventing the entry of bacteria);
  • The heart rate of the baby;
  • The size of the expansion;
  • The presence or not of the purse.

When the pregnancy reaches the 32nd week it is common that women start feeling some contractions that can often be confused with the labor. So, ideally, the maternity leave is required in the 36th week, once in the 37th, the fetus is considered mature and can come at any moment.

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It is possible to work normally until the final moments of pregnancy?

End of Pregnancy What Mom Needs to Know 1

It depends on how each woman is facing pregnancy. Some may feel very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain in the lower limbs and spine. Others may feel well until the day of delivery, with no problem.

For those that don’t support staying at home doing nothing and want to stay working, here’s a tip: start living in slow motion. Do everything that you do, only now in slow motion. If you’re going to climb stairs or ramps, which is slower to avoid the risk of falls.

Even when you exercise?

It is not necessary to stop exercising, but the practice requires utmost care. Only the doctor can tell you whether or not you can keep practicing exercises and at what intensity. We need to be more careful during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Sex in the last month can?

Some people are afraid of sexual intercourse in recent weeks fearing that stimulate labor. Theoretically it can be stimulated by the male ejaculation (it contains prostaglandin, which stimulates contraction of the uterus), but that is not enough. You need a set of factors to make the woman into labor.

End of Pregnancy What Mom Needs to Know 2

It is common to have contractions much before delivery?

Yes, it is quite common and these contractions have a specific name: Braxton-Hicks. They serve to prepare the uterus for the time of labor. They happen so on time, showing up at one time or another, without an exact rate.

If the contraction is predictable and in periods of 5 minutes of 5:00 pm 10:00 pm minutes and so on, she is already considered an alert for child birth.

I can eat everything?

There are not many restrictions, but must avoid acidic foods and others that cause reflux or take a long time to be digested, such as proteins. As the baby is occupying a large space, it is common that the stomach get slower and the feeling of being “full” is too big.

The ideal is to ingest a smaller quantity, but more often. Carbohydrates are easily degraded and so become good options for the final period of pregnancy.

End of Pregnancy What Mom Needs to Know 3

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