Early 90s, California… That Will Have The New Catalogue of Pull & Bear Spring-Summer 2014 That like So Much?

To be honest … I have loved. The new collection Spring-summer 2014 Pull & Bear, I don’t know if it will offer something new and extremely innovative with respect to what had been taught us so far (I doubt) but I can’t deny that the campaign that have been marked is extremely visual, very flirtatious and achieves its purpose without problem.

Noventero touch of their garments and their decorations along with the atmosphere at low California, make the style proposed by the firm for this very interesting season to match our wardrobe garments. A heritage touch in our way of dressing never comes bad and Pull & Bear He has managed to give us it.

In regards to the men’s collection, there are several items that I’m first: on the one hand its collection of printed shirts, with an antique wash and betting by the floral and moles (also appearing in bathing suits and shorts), to take advantage of the colored pants (blue, red and yellow), cake with upper double-breasted for a touch more nerd. A very flattering vintage style which can be combined with hoodies to something more college or simply merge with Bermuda when more heat press.

Of course, urban style could not fail to miss with straps, cargo pants, breathable sweatshirts t-shirts and a collection of sneakers that is skater style oozes everywhere. Good thing about clothing is that they touch of all the clubs and eclecticism is evident in all the clothes. Well it is true that We we miss this tide of navy that it is proposing for the season but I imagine that it is too soon to sell us good weather.

In short, a collection of which, I am sure that We can rescue some clothes (attention to shirts and accessories) to produce a more personal and unique style but undoubtedly having by flag a very well-worked campaign, with a 90’s style We love and which especially gives us an idea well wide of what will be the proposed spring by Pull & Bear.