Dressed in Tennis: Learn How to Use This Trend

Have you ever thought about combining the elegance of dresses with the comfort of sneakers? Now you can! Learn how to match dress shoes in modern and stylish looks

It’s been a long time since the shoes fell in like the fashionistas. All white, colored, metallic … more than using the shoes on a daily basis, you now have the freedom to use them not only in academia, but also at work and even clubbing.

Comfortable and stylish, it is possible to create different looks with the sneakers as centerpiece. However, it is the whole “tennis + dresses” that fell into the graces of the it-girls.

The question is: can I combine my tennis with any model in a dress? The shoes also look good with plain or patterned dresses? Striped dresses, floral or Lacy, with brightness are also released. Yes, Yes, Yes! This pair is super powerful and they look great with pieces of different styles, in any kind of woman.

To help you match your dresses with tennis without making any fashionfaux pas, separated more than 30 templates for you inspiration and copy. Spy!

Dressed in Tennis Learn How to Use This Trend 1

The Stripes That Everyone Loves
Classic, the stripes are the perfect print option for those who want to maintain the neutral style and feminine without losing elegance. With tennis, mostly white, striped dress is beautiful as look for a quieter weekend. Only warning: If you are a little bit above the weight, prefer vertical stripes, which stretch and lose weight.

Knit to Warm
A mistake to think that you can’t wear a dress and shoes on colder days. That look beautiful and comfortable stay even more hi-lo if combined with an overcoat or maxi vest.

Black and Long
For those who like to do the modern line, but afraid to dare too much, my tip is to bet on the long black dresses and leave the sneakers as special touch. Be they white, black or printed, the shoes break the seriousness of this look. Want more? Try tying a shirt around his waist, jeans or chess. I love it!

Romantic Flower and Jacket!
If you love the romance of flowers, but wants to break that “little girl” look, how about combining your flowery dress (short or long) with a heavier shoes and a Jean jacketor leather bomber? The production is female, but at the same time super current.

Dressed in Tennis Learn How to Use This Trend 2

Envelope Dress
This model of dress has the power to accentuate the curves and highlight strengths, such as the neck and hips. If the intention is to create a sexier look by attaching style and comfort, bet in this model in a dress with a more sober. You will pan out.

Cocktail Dress
Remember that dress mini party who lives against the your closet? This is the time to make it shine! For a real hi-loproduction, combine the piece with sports shoes, New Balance style and accessories in silver or gold, is in the bag on the belt or in necklaces and bracelets. Total success.

Mini Dress
Fun and cool, want better option than a dress with shoes for anyone who loves visual stripped with a touch fun?

Lace, Why Not?
You will think twice before twisting the nose for the combination “income + tennis”. The duo is chic and casual at the same time, creating visual hi-lo that we love so much. Look more urban, impossible!

Neutral and Wildcard
Basic dresses, no prints or details, give classics for those who want a more subtle look, calling attention to the details, be they in handbags, shoes or accessories. With a jacket, blazer, or even vests, you can’t go wrong. You’re beautiful, stylish and comfortable 24 hours a day!

Dressed in Tennis Learn How to Use This Trend 3

And then, what did you think of this trend? For me, it’s approved.