Discovering Five Essential Seasonal (I)

In the drafting of Jezebel man We are always communicating through sayings or metaphors. For example, each morning, entered in the office shouting: ‘ come on guys! To whom madruga, Mr Amancio help! ´. This fun, also extends to the rhymes and I therefore believe that our articles have a strange obsession with the number five…

After this stupid introduction, is the time to know what will be the major trends for the imminent spring-summer 2014:

Tropical print

Discovering Five Essential Seasonal (I) 1

It is the main image of the campaign Pull & Bear and it can not be clearer: there is to be done with a garment with print tropical. Away from the office, for more idle summer days, this print will bring you a very casual roll according to the style of life of the Caribbean. We want Beach!

Flower print jacket

Last year, after the reign of the baseball, arrived with force the bomber jacket for harboring the young man in the days of half-time. This season, the trend dictates that its composition is formed by a mix of fabrics. Above, a great example of the national firm HEbyMango.

Dark blue and Magenta

As we have seen recently, the Florentine lookbook is full of surprises. Taking advantage of his amazing photography, I bring you a summer trend that is to combine the colors Navy Blue and Magenta. The result, as you can see, are very sophisticated, full of light and color sets.

Discovering Five Essential Seasonal (I) 2

Safari looks

Without novelty, year after year, safari looks back to copy our Cabinet heat seasons. From the beach of La Caleta in Cádiz, Forecast shows us this whole built thanks to a generous palette of earthy tones. Do not forget it, it will be essential to own pieces of linen and cotton color bone white.


And speaking of colors, the Blue will be the big winner of the season. As it shows David Gandy in the new campaign for Massimo Dutti, we combine several garments from our look with color mentioned. Fluorine, cake, marine, índigo or klein, blue will be our great ally.

Discovering Five Essential Seasonal (I) 3

That’s it, we will return soon with more trends!