Dior Nail Polish and the Spring Summer Trend

The latest Dior that will leave stunned all lovers of bright colors, is the super collection of enamels fall 2011 for Dior.

Dior Bar Nail Polish

In this fall season, our nails are the undisputed protagonists of the days with these glazes cheerful and iridescent, with pink shades, fuchsia, red and fluorescent orange.

But Dior has also thought of those who appreciate dark and intense colors, the collection includes for example, a dark blue, dark green and a very sexy plum.

An impactful color cocktail, with dyed amplified by the active ingredients and pearl pigments, included in the formula of Dior NP (Find NP meaning, click Abbreviationfinder) to enhance the reflection of light up to ten times more than normal!
That’s all 10 shades:

nail polish

– Purple Revolution (906): midnight blue

– Graphic Berry (671): purple
– Psychedelic Orange (545): an orange-red fluorescent
– Pink Kimono (483): pink-bright fuchsia

– Pink Icing (253): ice rose
– Massai Red (853): red to fuchsia
– Perfecto (804): gray-green depths
– New World Purple (886): purple shiny dark

– Safari Beige (219): nude pink
– Red Royalty: a bright red impactful

nail polish 2

These enamels for Autumn Winter 2011 – 2012 will be on sale at the price of about 21,00 Euro.
The Nail Bar Collection is completed with 4 new products Dior prominent:
– Rock Coat Topcoat: a transparent black enamel that darkens others enamel when applied over these (when it is dry), giving a tinge particularly smoky.
– Diorlisse Ridge filler for nails: the color is called Petale de Rose 500, is a delicate pink enamel filling effect to treat the nails.
– Vernis Top Coat: a transparent cover enamel.
– Creme Abricot Nail Cream: Cream to promote nail growth and their resistance, apply massaging the evening on the nails so that is absorbed during the night.

nail polish 3

Nail Polish Spring Summer

Nail Polish spring summer 2014: here are the pairings for the coolest foot foibles. In our photo gallery many ideas to copy.
Polish hands and feet, which are the best combinations and that jar? What are the most popular colors of spring and what will be the most glamorous shades that sfoggeremo with sandals during the summer?

We start with a basic assumption: first find out about the foot and to choose the right nail polish that reflects your tastes but is also one of the season’s trendiest tones, you have to worry about having your nails of hands and feet very well catered for, so let’s start with manicures and pedicures to fix our feet before wearing sandals , and let us after the enamel.

nail polish 4

This summer the hottest trends for manicures and pedicures are mainly two: on one side we will see very strong and almost fluorescent pastel shades such as yellow, green, Fuchsia, red and orange tones, on the other hand the discretion of nude shades and neutrals like beige, pale pink, light pink and dusty shades.

Always one of the rules that is King at summer nail art provides that the color of the glaze of manie feet is identical, but already since last summer, actually the beauty trends enable us to transgress a condition that the combination of colors is researched and balanced. For example, focusing on a single strong color at a time or pastel shades that complement each other perfectly. But if you just can’t bear the idea that nail polish on hands and feet is different, then you can choose a single shades by varying the color of a single finger for hand and foot. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our gallery.

nail polish 5

Spring summer 2015 Enamels, pastels more trendy to make my nails done perfectly in tune with the mood of the season. Shades of pink to deep yellow, that’s a lot of ideas to copy and colors to inspire!
Pastels, a must for the spring summer 2015, also in terms of the make up and manicure. After a long winter with neutral shades and colors strong and decided, our hands are ready to welcome the most beautiful colors by season, starting precisely from the real star of spring, pink. In version almost powdery or candy, no doubt these shades are the most popular, young and bon ton, provided, however that you choose a color that matches your skin tone.

To combat the numbness of this long winter there is nothing better than the pastel shades of pink, but also of various shades of green and yellow tending almost to glow. The advantage is that these colors complement one another, then put her there limits beyond that. Colors you can also mix by focusing on a bicolor manicure or many colors.

The glaze in tones, the most heated, passing through the dimmed colors and dusty as the face powder and powder blue, there is an embarrassment of choice. They are not lacking in lighter shades, ideal for a beauty look preppy, like many of the colors of Dior for spring 2015, but Yves Saint Laurent tip on this trend especially liked by those who prefer that the manicure always has a very natural look. In short, pastel colors for enamels there’s literally something for everyone. Don’t believe us? Please take a look at our gallery!