Crafts Made in Cabinets

Crafts made in cabinets refresh the environment instantly and can be very cheap, depending on the technique used.

Renew the decoration of your space betting on crafts made in cabinets, and in any closet;kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, pantry and even the living room if in your living room you have incorporated a cabinet.

There are many techniques to decorate closet.You can paint cabinet, you can make your own cabinet handle, you can apply contact paper in cabinet, you can apply wallpaper in cabinet, attach adhesive in cabinet, you can paste buttons on the cabinet door, you can do decoupage in cabinet, between other methods of cabinet customization.

Crafts Made in Cabinets

Who does not want to have a lot of work doing closet crafts, you can just glue decorative items to the closet door, like MDF appliqués or metal appliqués, and you do not even have to paint the cabinet.Another way to decorate the closet door is by pasting paper or contact paper clippings and changing the handle if you want.

Crafts Made in Cabinets

Suggestions for Crafts Made in Cabinets

Children’s cabinets can receive paint and adhesive stickers with specific characters, according to your child’s style and preference.To increase the adhesive, apply glue in detail and throw glitter on top.Or stick some pebbles.

The cabinet of your bathroom can also receive painting or application of contact paper clippings or wallpaper. Here at Digopaul you can get more different models of the decoration.

Among the crafts made in cabinets there is also the collage of buttons that you have at home in the closet door.

With plain paper, such as magazine sheet, you can also make crafts to customize your closet. You can do decoupage at the door. Glue a magazine sheet or whatever paper you want, with glue to decoupage and apply over two or three layers of glue to decoupage with drying time between one layer of glue and another.

Make crafts also from inside the closet.

Get inspired in other ideas for cabinet crafts.

Watch the video of the Ariane Ferrari channel and see how to customize closet spending little. Remembering that any cabinet can receive this customization, even the cabinets of your kitchen or the closets of your bathroom. Check out the other very interesting videos from the Ariane Ferrari channel.