Cocktail Dresses Questions and Answers

Who Am I?

Cocktail Dresses Questions and Answers

Although I am not quite as glamorous as an evening gown, I am made of as flowing and elegant fabrics as velvet, chiffon, silk or satin. Most people know me under the name Cocktail dress.

I and other cocktail dresses are short or knielang cut. Many wearers prefer me in a body-cut shape with small décolleté, others like me in the hauengen variant with heart-shaped cut-out part.They are available in simple design as well as with applications, rhinestones or stylish belts.Model lovers have the choice between straight and asymmetrical cuts. In my most famous and perhaps most popular variation I am short, straight and elegantly cut and in classic black-known as “the little black”.

What Have I Done Before?

For the first time on October 1, 1926, as a design by myself, I was published in the American edition of “Vogue”. Who created this design from? None other than the French Modedesigner Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. I, the cocktail dress, was born!

Unfortunately, I have to admit that I and other black cocktail dresses were worn already in earlier years, about 1918. This had a very sad background. In the course of the First World War many young women became a widow. Short, black dresses expressed both the grief and the youthfulness of the women. In the break-up mood of the 1920s, however, the little black man became a universal piece of clothing.

Chanel took me very big. Suddenly, all the ladies took style, taste, and self-assurance into cocktail dresses. Short dresses loosen floor-length skirts and uncomfortable corsets

The absolute breakthrough came in the 1950s and 60s. Hollywood stars such as Ava Gardner, Greta Gabo, Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich presented themselves on the screen with me. And my career is far from over. On the contrary. Every year, fashion designers discover new sides to me and let the whole world participate in it. One can look forward to the cocktail dresses 2014 collections

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What Are My Favorite Colors?

As a cocktail dress in black I am especially popular. You can also find it in many other colors. My taste for my color is the end of my taste and the occasion for which I can shine. Whether as a cocktail dress in white, red, green, blue, pink, colorful, striped, dotted, solid colors, in modern look or rockabillly style – I am always a surprise and have fun for everyone. To my design, of course, shoes, handbag and accessories should be perfectly matched.

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On Which Occasions Do I Particularly Fit?

As my name suggests, I love cocktail parties! When I think about it, I love all the parties… Receptions, birthdays, barbecue, dinner no matter-I let myself see everywhere, where there is something to drink, eat, experience and celebrate. When I look around, I see more cocktail dresses, party dresses, evening dresses and even more cocktail dresses.

There are countless variations on SummerDressesStore:

Cocktail dresses with lace,

Cocktail dresses strapless and

Cocktail dresses with sleeves in small and large sizes.

Some claim that I could only be carried to smaller events and casual receptions, but that’s not true. Elegant and festive cocktail dresses like me also shine on weddings and gala evenings. If the party or celebration takes place at cooler temperatures, one can combine me and other cocktail dresses with jacket or blazer.

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What Is Special About Me?

I can play perfectly with my charms and charms feminine hearts and male eyes for almost 90 years. If I wear close-fitting and short-cut, I epitomize pure elegance and seduction. As an A-line dress I conjure a beautiful silhouette. I manage perfectly to conceal smaller problem zones and to bring out the feminine curves of my wearer optimally. And the most important thing at the end: With me you can make the night a day!