Chess. Learn How to Use the Pattern That Never Goes Out of Style

Large or kid, in skirts, shirts or jackets, no matter: chess is here to stay! Learn how to assemble different looks with this timeless pattern

The chess is a classical pattern everyone knows, right? There was a time in which he was seen only as Scottish fashion or “lumberjack shirt”. And that story of that chess is winter print is also passed. In different colours and fabrics, the checkerboard took the streets is in Classic shirts, pants, skirts, dresses and even jackets.

However, for more democratic it is, you need to take some care in time to use the chess and find always create cohesive productions. That’s where arise some questions: can I use any chess in any color? The graph size interferes with the illusion of the measures? What is the best fabric? To end the doubts, here are some tips. Spy!

Summer or Winter, When to Use?

Chess. Learn How to Use the Pattern That Never Goes Out of Style 1
Be in the cold or in warmer weather gives, Yes, to use chess at home. The secret is to leave the prints with larger and more colorful squares for the summer, especially in shorts and skirts and separate chess more sober, with fine lines and dark colors for the winter. Depending on the color and the size of the pattern, including, it is possible to combine it with other prints.

How to Use This Trend
Even if chess stay well in women of different measures, a few ground rules help (a lot!) in time to compose your look:

  1. Use the color least appears in the frame, the piece lisa who will complete the production. For example, if the background of your chess print is Brown, skirts, shorts or pants in earthy tones or caramel.
  2. be careful in the proportions, mainly because the chess always visually expands the dimensions, so it should be used in the body part you want to highlight.
  3. Jackets or dresses with chess in diagonal, helps disguise the extra flab, as, for example, the protruding belly, stomach and hips.
  4. shirts, sweaters and skirts with pencil type chess horizontally are a great resource for those who have little breast or shoulders and narrow hips, after all, the lines in this direction have the power to increase the proportions.
  5. Who needs clothes to lengthen a few centimeters, can not only how to use the chess vertically in the low parts, like trousers and skirts, including short. The trick is straight!

Chess: Learn to Create Already Looks with This Print

Chess. Learn How to Use the Pattern That Never Goes Out of Style 2
The good of chess is that it goes with everything, at any time of the day. Take a look at these tips to rock with the pattern without making a slide:

 In winter, combine the checkerboard with fake fur vests or even leather jackets. On the feet, that such short boots or over the knee, sneakers or anabelas?

 During the day, the chess is beautiful if combined with skinny pants or flare, Basic regatta and a blazer with the pattern. The idea, in fact, even in the corporate environment if the color of the plate is more discreet.

 To complement the looks for the day-to-day, go to shoe and purse-sized, who married perfectly with the more relaxed style of print.

 If the idea is to use chess in the weekend with a casual look, try the duo: Jean shorts and Plaid Shirt. With a Bootie and fringe handbag you can a boho production super beautiful.

 Give to use chess in more formal events, including during the night, either at the club or bar or cocktail parties. To make the look more cool, the tip is to use chess in skirts (long, midi or short) and combining the play with glitter tank top and leather jacket. The jump is required. With a nice colored lipstick, then, the visual will be a complete success.

Chess. Learn How to Use the Pattern That Never Goes Out of Style 3

 Don’t be afraid to abuse the accessories I think chess is too extravagant. The maxi necklaces – mainly in Golden and silvery-create gorgeous effects when combined with this pattern.