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Abstract is a term that comes from the Latin abstractus, which means something that is the result of an abstraction or an abstraction, or is, is that which exists only in concept and in the idea, not being concrete, real, or true. The abstract is linked to a disaffection of the reality generated by the perception of the • Read More »

What Is the Anomaly

Abnormality is ranked by the grammar of Portuguese as a feminine noun, whose origin goes back to the Latin anomaly. This is everything that deviates from their normal course and which can be considered as abnormal or freak. In Astronomy, the anomaly is used to refer to the angle that defines the position of a certain star that • Read More »

What Is to Return

Return is a word of the dictionary for brazilian Portuguese that is sorting grammatically as a transitive verb law and bitransitivo. Return is a term that means to give back, give back or repay. This term can be used referring to any thing or any situation, being about something material, immaterial), going up to situations metafisicas.

What Is Straight

Hetero is a prefix or radical used in the formation of various words in the Portuguese language. Its origin is Greek, being a term of composition, which terminates the idea of other, of different. Whenever you see a word with the root “hetero”, she is referring to the idea of something that is different, diverse, dessemelhante.


Pay-per-view is a system in which viewers can pay to watch a programming – specific, because it is not included in the common channels and not on the normal schedule of TV, cable, or satellite. Usually the fee for release of the programs is added in the account of the operator. Pay-per-view, in its translation to Portuguese, means “pay-to-view”. Separating the • Read More »

Data Mining

Data mining is a process used by companies to turn raw data into useful information. The term is used a lot in computer science and comes from the English language, which translated into Portuguese means data mining. Generally, data mining sometimes called data or knowledge discovery, is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and the summary of them into useful • Read More »


Login is a term of English origin, formed by the junction of two words: “log” which is the same as the record and “in,” which means “within”. For now, the term sign means a sign,already has its antonym in English is out (join “log” and “out”, this being the same as “outside”) that refers to terminate the session. The • Read More »

Photo Tripod

The choice of the material remains one of the main questions of amateur photographers, including with respect to the jungle of cameras and targets. But for some accessories, it is too complicated to navigate, especially when it comes to invest several hundred dollars and to take this investment for many years. This is the case • Read More »

What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is a term used to refer to the type of renewable energy source that comes from the sun. It is considered a way of obtaining clean light and does not cause damage to the environment. It is also said to be one of the cheapest energy sources. To use solar energy is necessary to capture the light • Read More »

Asus Zenfone Ar 128 Gb

A hot Tango Conclusion of the 04.08.2017 The ASUS Zenfone AR leaves a good impression in the test though – still is denying its experimental character, not by the hand. Because ASUS implements a special camera system for augmented reality applications, as it has arguably Apple for the iPhone 8 in mind. This isn’t really • Read More »

USB Hub with All-in-One Card Reader

Today I speak of a USB hub with all-in-one card reader. Let’s start. Surely, more than one will be found in the position of having to connect more than one device USB to the computer , and OPS! Only one free remains, and now? To remove any of them and connect what I need now, • Read More »

The World’s Smallest Cell Phone

Some people love giant screens. No wonder Samsung, HTC, Motorola and many other technology companies are increasing the size of your appliance. Not to mention the emergence of so-called phablets, a mixture of tablet with smartphone.

HP Slate 7 Tablet

Slate 7 costs $169 in the United States and will begin to be sold in April. While the new tablets from Samsung attract large numbers of visitors to the stand of the Korean company, HP displays discreetly just a unit of your first 7-inch tablet with Android system. He is the bet of the company • Read More »

Is Android Wear Customizable?

Much has been said in recent days about mobile devices that will be used on the wrist, be it bracelets or even smart watches. Having war in this market has been maintained by Google with Android Wear, the giant Apple with Apple Watch, the Pulse of, among many others. However, Google has announced over the • Read More »

How to Reduce Lag Time on Monitor Or TV with LCD Screen

Applications such as games and video editing suffer more with an input lag higher. Learn how to minimize the problem. At the time of purchase of an LCD monitor is extremely important to check the information in the box and manual equipment, such as brightness, contrast ratio, response time and resolution. And even with all • Read More »


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