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End of Pregnancy: What Mom Needs to Know?

For moms, especially the first-timers, the end of pregnancy is the time that generates greater anxiety. Is when the baby is close to being born and some doubts about how should be the last few days may arise in the mind of many pregnant women.

What is Infertility

Sterilitet″t is a disease or condition of the reproductive system, most often diagnosed when a couple has had a year of genital contact without protective equipment And although it didn’t work if the woman becoming pregnant or in the family experienced several miscarriages.

What is Breech Birth

Breech birth, what it is and that it be dangerous? A special report about childbirth and the breech position, how to deal with it and what it entails for the mother and the unborn child. Here’s how and when to intervene on the fetus if it is in breech position before birth. Be in breech position means literally, • Read More »