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Meaning of Anxiety

What is Anxiety: Anxiety is a psychological state of apprehension or fear caused by the anticipation of an unpleasant situation or dangerous. The word “anxiety” has its origin in the Latin anxietas, which means “distress”, “anxiety”, anxius = “disturbed”, “ill at ease”, anguere = “squeeze”, “choke”.


Pretension is a word that has the meaning of the action you want something, that is, the demands or requests. Can also be considered something, or what if you have the desire to conquer. Claim has the meaning of a positive act when she is presented with a sense of aspiration, that is, as a desire that causes someone • Read More »

Wedding Workout Questions and Answers

07th June 2016 fit for the wedding as effectively is a last-minute workout before the wedding? When should the ‘bride to be’ start with their training program? And with what exercises will you wedding-fit? VOGUE spoke to the staff coach Miriam Frieser through effective training, sports nutrition and developed a sports programme with her, to be fit for the wedding • Read More »

What is Diarrhea

The term diarrhea is a Greek origin and includes two main components: (1) stool consistency lose and (2) increased frequency of bowel movements than 2 times per day. Some authors include in the definition and the third component: increase the weight of stool over 200 grams / day.

What is Oliguria

The sharp decrease of urine may represent functional adaptation, but most often an expression of a serious health problem. This health problem is called “acute renal failure” and is accompanied by death in around 80% in critically ill patients.

What is Infective Endocarditis

Definition Syndrome arising from a microbial infection of the endothelial surface of the heart (mainly localized in the heart valves) caused by bacteria, fungi, rickettsiae, mycoplasmas and chlamydia.