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What Is Yolo

Yolo is an abbreviation in English that became a motto showing the meaning “You Only Live Once”, in which the translation into Portuguese means “you only live once”. This term is a slang of the internet very popular due to their use by members of multiple social networks that placed or practiced this idea or ideal in their • Read More »

Bracelet Watches Collect: Longines Conquest Chrono

A collector presents his clocks In search of a third Chrono, I noticed the Longines conquest of. An interesting symbiosis between restrained elegance, masculine sportiness and a portion of avant-garde. This watch is always happy to wear, and somehow it dissolves even after more months wear still a feeling of happiness. It is one of • Read More »

Naughty Accessories

When we lived in the same city for a longer period of time, it is easy to get a little snowbound on retail supply. I’ve come up with myself to take roughly the same round on the town several times in a row. In the hope of finding something new I slip through the same • Read More »

The Semi Jewels

You’re beginning to your journey as entrepreneur is normal to have doubts which semi jewels must be present on the display, but, don’t worry, this question always arises. In all the years of experience and accompanying each application and each customer that we serve here in the company, we know uptight which items can not • Read More »

Men’s Shirts with Prints

Today’s man searches as much as women use trends and fashion trends, so today we’re going to talk about men’s shirts with 2017 prints showing what’s new and looks that can be made up. Did you like the subject today? So keep reading more about men’s shirts with 2017 prints.

Bikinis from Sundari Beachwear

The Brazil is a tropical country, high temperatures and summer that lasts, in some regions, almost the whole year …. and you know what I think about all this? A marvel! Maybe that’s why, by our culture or maybe the beaches that border our coastline, Brazilian fashion specializes in beachwear and, let’s face it, we • Read More »

Sunglasses That You Have to Try This Summer

Who does not like having many sunglasses, different colors and shapes, to match the summer clothes during the warmer months? We bet you have everything from your accessories: mirrored glasses, ‘aviator’ with huge lenses, rounded… diversity is choice!

Tips for Keeping Your Fun T-Shirts as New

Keep as new our funny shirts, starting today going to be sew and sing. Do you have a t-shirt or several to which have special affection? those that you are seeing that the passage of time does not make that pass of fashion and that although years have never found a same original fun t-shirt and for the • Read More »

5 Tips for Choosing Fitness Clothing

With the arrival of autumn the gyms are filled. There are many brands in sportswear that offer a wide variety of clothing and accessories. But have you really asked yourself if you like the clothes you wear?

How to Use Clutch Bag

Navigation BRIEF HISTORY OF CLUTCH BAG HOW TO USE BAG CLUTCH MODELS FOR EVERY BUDGET First female passion, shoes. Second female passion, handbags! No wonder this statistic, since buying a purse always is on the purchase of a shoe. Yes, women only need this excuse to buy a new bag… the shoe is new! The truth is that we • Read More »

Johnny Hellstorm Responses to Darn 13 Questions

In today’s interview, we are lucky, to feel the photographer Johnny Hellstorm on the tooth once. Johnny remained early infected by Elvis, Bill Haley and the punk of the seventy from the outset a bit behind the times. Thus he was immune to fashion trends and Mach but with actions, drove has always been cars that are • Read More »

Do You Know the Difference Between Vintage and Retro?

You’ve probably asked that question to yourself, and believe me, vintage and retro are different things. In today’s post we will finally find out the difference between the two. The retro has never been so high as these days, several brands are betting on furniture, clothing, housewares and accessories with this theme. With the great • Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About The Oberwerth William Camera Bags

Since I have spoken very much about my Oberwerth William camera bag in the last two months in the social medias, I have reaped what I have sown so also. Questions about questions. I want to post time that collect the most frequently asked questions and here with this post my answers for others who may have the same • Read More »

Is Android Wear Customizable?

Much has been said in recent days about mobile devices that will be used on the wrist, be it bracelets or even smart watches. Having war in this market has been maintained by Google with Android Wear, the giant Apple with Apple Watch, the Pulse of, among many others. However, Google has announced over the • Read More »

How to Keep White Shirts White

All possess white robes, they symbolize purity, freshness increasingly positive emotions, but there is one major drawback that stain as soon as they dressed. But each owner wants to keep his snow white coat and she always look white. We all know how sometimes white acquire that terrible gray in this article you will understand how to • Read More »

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Wedding Rings

Searching for the engagement ring – mostly pure for men. Why? Quite simply – the sweetheart know at this juncture still nothing. Otherwise she could hold back probably hardly so elegantly in this important topic… Completely different, if it then goes to the wedding rings! Material, decoration, grinding – da will be researched and collected • Read More »

What The Watchmaker Has To Offer

Now he is there; The Hebst has arrived and it is no longer conceivable that it becomes colder, fogier and, above all, darker. I do not like it, because I just got used to the summer, which has been waiting so long this year. But autumn is one of the most important times when it comes to fashion, • Read More »

What are Winter Jackets?

The temperatures fall, nor is it autumn, but the winter will come. Without a warm winter jacket, nothing will happen. Who likes to freeze? But snow, rain and icy winds demand some of this important piece of clothing for the cold season. 

Cocktail Dresses Questions and Answers

Who Am I? Although I am not quite as glamorous as an evening gown, I am made of as flowing and elegant fabrics as velvet, chiffon, silk or satin. Most people know me under the name Cocktail dress. I and other cocktail dresses are short or knielang cut. Many wearers prefer me in a body-cut shape with small décolleté, • Read More »

How to Use The Plus Size Leggings

The leggings are those meshes or uniform lycras, that often we use to put on warmer clothes inside a pants and sometimes use them as pants, they have the property of highlighting your forms, but in large size also avoid them look wider than with other garments. Although it is not always enough.