Bracelet Watches Collect: Longines Conquest Chrono

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Bracelet Watches Collect Longines Conquest Chrono

In search of a third Chrono, I noticed the Longines conquest of. An interesting symbiosis between restrained elegance, masculine sportiness and a portion of avant-garde. This watch is always happy to wear, and somehow it dissolves even after more months wear still a feeling of happiness. It is one of the encounters in life, to which one always likes to think back, like a special professional milestone, an encounter with a special person or, in principle, happy moments.

Longines understands how to design timeless elegance in such a way that it lasts. Since this model was in the typical Valjoux arrangement of the totalizers at the twelve, nine and six a discontinued model, I got it at a price where I simply had to strike.

What makes my Longines conquest different from newer chronographs

The newer chronographs are known to have a wheel work specially designed for Longines by ETA. An example of this is the Conquest chronograph with the Eta A08. L01 in 41 mm stainless steel housing for 2,390 euro. The price policy of Longines, unlike some other manufacturers, I find very reasonable and absolutely affordable, although this is also in the eye of the viewer. This also applies to the newer chronographs from Longines.

Bracelet Watches Collect Longines Conquest Chrono 1

Back to my car: on the scale the “heavyweight” brings about 205 grams. This is a definite announcement for a striking chronograph with a stainless steel band. This is noticeable on my narrow wrist. When you put them in the evening, you know what you wore during the day.

The Longines Conquest chronograph is massive but elegant

Nevertheless, it is by no means over the size of 41 millimeters. Interesting and a very successful design feature true to the motto “form follows function” is the bezel made of ceramics. It looks simple and noble because no scale is recorded. It also protects the watch from scratches. In addition, the inside mirrored sapphire crystal. The design of the very clean, elegant steel band with integrated butterfly clasp contributes to the rest.

The two totalizers at the six and the nine are surrounded by silver colors. The upper tote is designed by a quasi-interrupted twelve. Some may find the polarizing, but I like this controlled style, the Longines Designer is almost in perfect control.

Also the flush design of the bracelet, without noticeable interruption at the clasp, has been achieved. The screwed crown is surrounded by a flank protection, which passes flush in the two pushers of the Chrono. Here too: Design polarity makes a sporty chrono interesting! Moreover, mainstream is known to be boring. A striking profile remains in memory.

Bracelet Watches Collect Longines Conquest Chrono 2

Inside, the proven ETA-Valjoux 7750 is ticking with well-adjusted and almost excellent gait values. The clock is about two seconds a day, which is a very good value. The bottom of the housing is massively screwed and the watch thus receives a water tightness of up to 30 bar pressure.

Experience Report: The Longines Conquest chronograph in everyday life

The date display is very easy to read thanks to the black dial. Some complain about that, in their opinion, poor readability of the clock in general and the lack of luminescent pointers. In practice, however, this is less serious than is generally claimed. The time can be easily read at any time.

In the stop operation you have to take a closer look. No model on the catwalk is perfect, but the habit of Longines is true, because this noble watch can be worn on almost every occasion. Elegance is an attitude, isn’t it, Miss Longines?

Text and pictures: Frank Eisenberg

Bracelet Watches Collect Longines Conquest Chrono 3

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