Boracay Island, Philippines

Boracay Island, Philippines

From a bird’s eye view, Boracay looks like a butterfly opening its emerald wings over the sparkling turquoise sea. This small island is located in the heart of the Philippine archipelago, northwest of Panay Island. Modest in size, seven kilometers long and up to four kilometers wide, Boracay is not only one of the most beautiful Philippine islands – it is one of the most beautiful on the entire planet. This is a typical island paradise, if paradise can be called typical, and you will find everything that makes your vacation unforgettable.

Wide, pearly sand beaches, fringed with coconut palms, invite you to sunbathe and relax. Among them, the White Beach stretching for four kilometers is one of the most beautiful in the world. Tourist routes here are diverse: secluded bays, picturesque waterfalls, muted river landscapes, rainforests densely populated with tropical animals and mysterious caves. Divers and snorkelers will not be disappointed either: coral gardens bloom around the island already at a depth of several meters. Warm, about 28 degrees shallow water is ideal for swimming with the whole family – neither jellyfish nor sea urchins will disturb you here. For more active holidaymakers, the island offers golf, mountain biking, windsurfing and sailing. Here is the widest range of entertainment for children and adults, athletes and those who want to relax. In addition to this, stylish spas, cozy restaurants, trendy cafes and nightclubs will provide a magical vacation and help you plunge into the exotic atmosphere of the island. Romantic and leisurely or exciting and varied: Boracay combines all the components of an unforgettable vacation, whatever you put into this concept. Experience the unique atmosphere, multiplied by the innate hospitality of the Filipinos!


The beaches of Boracay are second to none. What they consist of is not just sand: it is snow-white, the smallest coral sand, similar to powdered sugar. And, as if this alone was not enough, the sea off the coast of Boracay seemed to have decided to show its best side. The water here is clear as glass, it is perfectly clean and shimmers in the sun with all shades of blue. Boracay is lined with 30 beaches and coves, and all of them are special.

Beaches on the west and north coasts. Undoubtedly, the king of the local beaches is White Beach, which stretches for four kilometers along the western coast of Boracay and fully deserves its name: the sand here is really white, but this is only one of the many reasons why this beach is considered one of the most beautiful on the planet!

The coast on the White Beach is very gentle, which means it is safe for children. On the north side it adjoins Diniwid beach: only 200 meters long, located in a romantic bay and very secluded compared to a large neighbor, with cozy cafes and restaurants. In addition, Diniweed is great for snorkeling. Just like Baling Hai Beach, where snorkelers can go down to the coral gardens right from the shore. This beach, surrounded by steep cliffs, is located next to Diniwid. Beyond the green hills, in a bay just north of Baling Hai, in shimmering blue and turquoise shallow waters, lies Punta Bunga Beach, where you can rent a private home if you wish. In the middle of the beach, on a small mountain, there is a cafe with fantastic sea views. Over the hill that closes Punta Bunga on the north side, a short path leads to the silky sands of Banyugan Beach, an ideal place for picnics. Shell collectors will love Puka Shell Beach, which stretches along the northern tip of Boracay and is covered with small shells that are used to make neck jewelry.

Beaches on the east and south coasts. The sea near the eastern part of Boracay is not as calm as in the west. From October to May, the wind allows you to enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing. The best beach for lovers of active sports is Bulabog, which, in addition, offers a fabulous view of the bay of the same name. This beach is a paradise for surfers, a kilometer long. Since 1988, the oldest surfing championship in Asia, the International Fanboard Cup and, since 1989, part of the Asian Fanboard Cup has been held here annually.

To the north of Bulabog Beach are Ilig Iligan and Lapus Lapus – two wonderful beaches, close to which are mysterious caves – a haven for bats, a jungle rich in fauna and first-class golf courses.

Off the south side of the east coast lie the beaches of Tulubhan and Tambisaan, with their numerous bays, lost among tropical beauties. You can get here on hiking trails, as well as by boat. Age-old trees, rocky ledges and caves – there is where to hide from the midday sun.

Manok-Manok Beach is located at the southernmost point of the island. From here you can clearly see the neighboring Panay and the surfers conquering the waves, who are not afraid of the rough waters and numerous currents of the channel that separates the two islands. Cagban Beach, also on the south side, is the first place visitors to Boracay usually see. The very word “Kagban” means “cave” or “chest” and alludes to the mysterious stories that shrouded this place. According to them, not all treasure chests have already been dug out of the sand and pulled out of dark caves. As they say, seek and find!

Boracay Island, Philippines