Bluetooth Connected LED Bulb

Do you know the bluetooth led bulb? If not, here are some directions. Would you like to light up a room for entertaining guests for an evening with a thousand lights, but you hesitate, especially when you see already what will be your electricity bill. You are manager of a dancing, but lights are not very appreciated by your customers, and you don’t know what kind of light aircraft purchase. This is a bluetooth connected led bulb. She’ll do wonders. It is a bulb which has many strengths, that you’ll like for sure.

Bluetooth Connected LED Bulb

Bluetooth led bulb will save enough energy

Your Led bulb is multicolored and allows to create a rainbow of colors. The application that you can put on your smartphone will present you thousands of colors. It will depend on more than just your preferences. Pick some and controls lighting the bulb via bluetooth. It is very easy and very fun to play with these luminosities.

The bluetooth led bulb is compatible with a variety of smartphones and tablets, especially if the latter are equipped with the Bluetooth 4.0. You can from the smart control application, control your tablet or your phone, an average of 8 bulbs at the same time.

Bluetooth Connected LED Bulb 1

A connected lamp has a remarkable power

The bluetooth led bulb works with a power which is equivalent to 60W, as incandescent bulbs. But unlike the latter, it can work 20,000 hours. It is therefore an ecological connected bulb, thanks to its low energy consumption.

A bulb connected Hardware and Software

Download for free the application on Google Play and Apple Store. Its connectivity requires a very small amount of energy. It has a maximum voltage of 240 Volts. We can carry it easily, by sliding it in his pocket. She weighs only 200 grams for an E27 socket.

His lighting mode supports the white color and ambient light. For what is white light, it can be set from the hotter to the colder. You’ve got 16 million possible combinations, with a possible adjustment of the intensity of the light. She has a light output that equals 800 Lumens.

Bluetooth Connected LED Bulb 2

Ease of use and installation

The connected lamp is an easy to use, which allows anyone, even with no basic knowledge in electrical operating system, to be able to install it. The model presented here comes with an installation manual that will guide the user.

A customizable wireless bulb

So enjoy this lighting accessory, which is customizable based on your preferences, the medium in which it is fixed and the type of atmosphere you want to create. You will lead her remotely, from your smartphone or tablet. Don’t need a wire for your light bulb work. The ignition is made only by a bluetooth transmission. You can even determine its ignition time and its extinction. Enjoy more of its assets to you by providing several. You can order them all from the app to your smartphone.

Bluetooth Connected LED Bulb 3

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  • Light bulb, compatible with most lighting fixtures
  • Adjustable colors including intensity. Adjustable temperature and intensity of white light
  • Power: 9 W (equivalent of 60W bulbs for incandescent)
  • LED low consumption long duration (20,000 hours)
  • Application SmartCONTROL free, compatible with most smartphones and tablets with the feature Bluetooth® 4.0 or later: possibility to control up to 8 bulbs (increased from 20 meters)