Bikinis from Sundari Beachwear

The Brazil is a tropical country, high temperatures and summer that lasts, in some regions, almost the whole year …. and you know what I think about all this? A marvel! Maybe that’s why, by our culture or maybe the beaches that border our coastline, Brazilian fashion specializes in beachwear and, let’s face it, we make beautiful!

One such company is the Sundari Beachwear, Brazilian beach fashion brand that was born from the dream of two entrepreneurs to bring their products with Brazilian consumers in color mix and stamps and templates that accompany the world trends of fashion. A perfect combination, right?

Bikinis from Sundari Beachwear 1

Although new, the Sundari has models: from the democratic P to GG and the coolest thing is that values since the bodies of the most skinny at the meatier. Looks just like one of the bikinis of the mark fell perfectly in my body more curvaceous. …

The pattern is amazing, right? The model chosen was the Varadero Macaw, with colorful, joyful and knickers that perfectly matches the top yellow – with top in Lilac panties brings print also beautiful and tropical mood.

Bikinis from Sundari Beachwear 2

The detail in the top in gold brings sophistication to the piece at the same time that models the bust. With mooring in the back and the back of the head, fits perfectly in women with back wider and also in those of finer strands. You know, I think that recovery of all types of bodies makes all the difference!

Oh, and all the bikinis and swimsuits of Sundari come with a protective dust cap to keep the product in the wardrobe after use and that also makes time to take him inside the travel bag.

Bikinis from Sundari Beachwear 3

Another detail that makes the difference is that some of the brand’s models come with the option of separate bulge – brings versatility to the piece and makes time to wash. Bingo!

Want to check all models of bikinis and swimsuits from Sundari, huh? Click here:

Enjoy the 100 degrees this summer brazuca to find your model in a bikini or bathing suit there in Sundari and stay beautiful for a find on the beach, at the club, in the pool or sunbathing in the yard right, hehe. The important thing is to feel beautiful and comfortable while having fun!