Before the trip to Tobago

Before the trip to Tobago

Passport and Visa
Nordic citizens do not need a visa to travel to Tobago if you stay shorter than 90 days. Check that your passport is valid until the day after the return journey. The passport must not be cracked or broken.

Before the trip to Tobago 2

Vaccinations and health
Make sure you have a good comprehensive travel insurance that applies to care abroad. See what your home insurance covers. Additional travel insurance can be ordered through Phoenix. Remember to bring documentation of current travel / health insurance for the trip to Tobago. If you have medicines with you, they should be stored in their packaging where it is clear what the medicine is. For prescription medicines, you should also have a certificate from your doctor in English and pack it together with the medicines in your hand luggage.

Weather and clothes
The air is quite humid and the daytime temperature is usually around 30 degrees in Tobago. Sometimes, during the hottest months, it can get even warmer with up to 40 degrees in the middle of the day.

Trinidad Tobago Dollar or USD

Transport and communications
Tobago does not have an extensive bus network but it is cheap to travel by the island’s minibuses. Taxis are available everywhere. Settle on the price before departure, Also make sure to take a taxi where the registration number starts with “H” (licensed taxi) instead of “P” (private person).

In Tobago, crime is low, but ordinary caution should be used.

Food and drinks
Trinidad and Tobago has a rich food culture with influences from Africa, India, South America and Europe. The island belonged to both the French and the British, while many Africans and Indians helped to build the island during the colonial era. Callaloo, the National Court, which you must not miss when visiting Tobago, is called Callaloo and has its roots in West Africa. Callaloo is a leafy vegetable that is cooked. It resembles spinach but with larger leaves. The dish is prepared with coconut milk and flour.
Otherwise, “street food” is common in Tobago. It is full of small sheds and stalls serving food. Common are dishes with seafood such as shark or shrimp. In addition, you can get fresh oysters in almost every street corner. Chicken and pork are also common. The seasoning is African or Indian and the food is relatively cheap.

Tobago produces crafts in wood. Wood carvings are just one example, do not overlook all edible gifts. Rome made in Trinidad and Tobago is always a favorite, as are regional spices.

General and mixed

  • Time difference: Winter, Swedish time minus 5 hours, summer, Swedish time minus 6 hours.
  • Tips & Warnings Almost all hotels will add a 10% to 15% service charge. Most restaurants have a service charge of 10%, which is considered standard on these islands. If it is not included in the bill, tip according to: 10% to 15%. Tips for taxi drivers 10%.
  • Language: English is the official language.
  • EL: On Tobago 110v.
  • Good to know: Sometimes prices are quoted in local currency, sometimes in US dollars. Be observant of restaurants. Always agree on the taxi price in advance ..
  • Travel insurance: You can buy it through Phoenix Travel when you book your trip or order it at Before you buy travel insurance, please check what your home insurance or your card insurance covers when traveling.

Before the trip to Tobago