Basic Spring (I): for All

We are already in March and the change of season is imminent. Maybe that time accompanied not yet, but we must be prepared with our Basic spring When, by surprise, get good weather.

Basic Spring (I) for All 1

Today we inaugurate the section with one of the trends that stick strong. We are confident that all are going to fall, if it did not last, the temptation to spring from the t-shirts with prints. Do you want to see the proposal of? Bershka?

Basic Spring (I) for All 2

It serves almost anything: leaves of tree, Palm trees, birds, sharks, cars, sheets of soft drink, hourglasses, knives sticking in hearts… In short, anything.

All these shirts that we bring you are Bershka and you can get them already. Anyway, we will be attentive to this trend, because I’m sure that will be many stores that will draw your own version. What do you think of you?

Basic Spring (I) for All 3