Bait for Fishing Catfish

Bait to fish for extreme effectiveness

Do bait for fishing catfish this cream?… that I asked myself the first time I saw the famous “7 Secret”.

Bait for Fishing Catfish 1

The fish cat or “catfish” is very pursued in most of the rivers of the Americas. In some countries for example carried out a kind of mutation in the final fin of the fish, which resembles it quite an eel for instance, but in fact is a catfish. In Cuba, many fishermen call it CLARIA, and it is highly consumed by much of the Cuban population. The bait to fish most widely used in the United States is the “7 Secret”…, but what actually this bait?

This fishing bait to catch catfish is nothing more than a kind of paste made from fibers.


Engodar is simply to launch various amounts of Secret 7 water in various nearby places of our future releases. This constitutes a powerful attraction for the catfish of the whole area, so after being spread this product in water you can be sure that in a very few minutes the entire engodada region; will be filled with fish cats very favorable opportunity to begin to do our first lances in search of fish, mostly with earthworms.

Bait for Fishing Catfish 2

The effectiveness is SUPREMA (I tell you from my own experience, you know that I do not preach what I do not practice), I’m sure that you can make very good catches of these copies with this interesting bait.

But not only can catch Catfish with this ground bait, also many catfish will be released.

This adventure fully flavoured water with this singular bait to fish. The fishing bait is sold precisely at, and to tell the truth, the money that is spent on investment is very well rewarded by many catches of fish that you are going to perform. They take this bait always between fishing gear, all those crafty fishermen who do not lose time.

Bait for Fishing Catfish 3

Fishing Artificial Bait.

Another additional trick I used with many results, is to take a worm of artificial rubber and muddy you a little dough Secret 7 throughout the body, in this way and picking up slowly by dragging on the artificial background, I have managed to capture very good fish cats from the shore. One EXTRA point: must be very careful with the sharp needle fishes which possess some species of catfish about their guts, because I have had the bitter experience of fit me 2 of them on your fingers, and let me tell you that the pain is unbearable.

I hope that now your next bait for fishing, is used with a little paste over when you decide to embark on exciting fish catching cats in your area. I at first did not believe much of the effectiveness of this bait, until I tried it on my fisheries, and the truth is now whenever I do a fishery of this nature never bide carry between my fishing tackle bait for fishing”Secret 7 ”