The Backoffice or Back office or even the BackOffice are the ways of writing the English term that, for us, has the meaning of support, also defined as the rear, and refers to the business departments that have little or no contact with their clients.


Back, in English, it means “ago”, and the office has the meaning of “office”.

What is the Backoffice?

We can consider as BackOffice departments that give support to the overall functioning of the company, such as accounting, human resources, information technology, warehouse, etc. BackOffice brings together the staff that work “behind”, behind the scenes.

Providing support to the Front Office, the BackOffice is the one who ensures the necessary operations of any company, providing operational efficiency, a better relationship through contacts indirect, use of equipment and machines, etc.

The activities of the BackOffice are usually restricted, reporting to the directors, although they are also activities whose execution is required for other sectors.

Backoffice 1

An important sector within any company, for example, is the callcenter that, even having direct contact with external clients, provides a service without presenting in person.

BackOffice Computer

In the area of computer science, BackOffice is called the core of the system, the instructions that the system itself manages and that are not attributes of the end user. Having specific tasks, BackOffice co-ordinates the activities necessary to the user, managing the operations, whether of a store, company or even a web site.

Backoffice 2

The BackOffice has become so necessary in the world system until you already have a specific professional, the analyst BackOffice, which makes the analysis of the internal processes of the system, it creates reports to operations and management, give the necessary treatment to the complaints or requests from clients and makes the entire service support to employees of the Front Office.

Also among their obligations is often the treatment of e-mails and the maintenance and update of the system files, which must always be in perfect condition to the customer service, production, sales or provision of services.

Backoffice 3