Hong Kong Economy

Hong Kong Economy

October 11, 2021 prozipcodes 0

On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong became part of China again, having previously been the last British colony in the region. Long before the takeover, […]

Travel to Paraguay

Travel to Paraguay

October 4, 2021 prozipcodes 0

Area: 406,752 km² Residents: 6,943,739 (July 2017) Population density: 17 U / km² Degree of literacy: 97% Form of Government: Republic System of Government: Presidential democracy Neighboring countries: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia […]

Malta Arts

Malta Arts and Cinema

August 30, 2021 prozipcodes 0

CULTURE: ART According to campingship, Malta is a country located in Europe. The sanctuary of Tas-Silg, to be identified with the fanum Iunonis mentioned by Cicero, still […]

Amsterdam Transportation

Amsterdam Transportation

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General information You should avoid driving into the city center of Amsterdam as the streets are sometimes very narrow and mostly overcrowded. The tram always […]

Transportation in Cuba

Transportation in Cuba

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GETTING THERE Arriving by plane Cubana (CU) (Internet: www.cubana.cu) is a Cuban airline. It offers international flights to North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe […]

Transportation in Turkey

Transportation in Turkey

July 12, 2021 prozipcodes 0

ON THE GO Traveling by plane Turkish Airlines (TK) (Internet: www.thy.com) fly via Istanbul and Ankara to Izmir, Adana, Trabzon, Dalaman, Antalya and all major […]

Eating in Guyana

Guyana Economy and Food

June 28, 2021 prozipcodes 0

Economy Gold, bauxite, rice and sugar Guyana’s economy rests on two pillars: agriculture and mining. Along with rice and sugar, bauxite, gold and diamonds are […]

Australia Flag

Australia Travel

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ADVENTURE DOWN UNDER Practically on the other side of the world is Australia. The country “down under” is known for its hospitality, spectacular deserts and […]

Jamaica Flag

Jamaica Travel

May 16, 2021 prozipcodes 0

PURE CARIBBEAN The Caribbean island of Jamaica with its snow-white sandy beaches , lively cities and fascinating natural spectacles makes every vacation unforgettable. Some of […]