Asus Zenfone Ar 128 Gb

A hot Tango

Conclusion of the 04.08.2017

The ASUS Zenfone AR leaves a good impression in the test though – still is denying its experimental character, not by the hand. Because ASUS implements a special camera system for augmented reality applications, as it has arguably Apple for the iPhone 8 in mind. This isn’t really ready for the mass market in its current state but. Also, the Zenfone with its introductory price of 900 euro AR is far too expensive. Photo quality and performance stand out, a vulnerability is the mediocre to poor battery life.

Asus Zenfone Ar 128 Gb

Augmented reality for Android (and iPhone 8)

The iPhone 8 to get it, Android has it – with restrictions – already: augmented reality, meaning augmented reality in German. Rolling none other than Google, which has brought the augmented-reality train for Android 2014 announced already in the year Project Tango.

According to Lenovo’s inelegant Phab2 Pro ASUS brings the next and this time handy “Tango-phone“. The Zenfone AR is the first Smartphone, the both is ideal for augmented-reality (AR) for virtual reality applications (VR). The latter requires a separately available Daydream-VR glasses, the phone is plugged into that. Galaxy Samsung’s gear VR users know this. AR works without accessories.

ASUS Zenfone: AR is fun for a short time

In our test, we were quite impressed by some augmented reality features, bottom line, the whole thing is still rather experimental and demohaft, since many well functioning apps are especially lacking. Google’s Tango app is pre-installed on the phone, allowing all AR-optimized applications download be – whose amount is as above – – manageable.

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We had fun with the BMW app» visualiser “, about which place an i3 or an i8 virtually in the room can be. This enables the mobile camera and shows the area in front of a display. The user types then simply on the screen and the car is placed at the desired location.

“Sit” in a virtual BMW i8

Since the three-camera system of the Zenfone AR (according to Project Tango) is not only a normal image, but also depth and movement information, you can then around to the car and even go into it with the camera to look at the Interior. The phone remembers the position of the virtual object reliable – even if you even hold it in a completely different direction. This is pretty cool, because the level of detail of the models is sufficiently high.

So the complete interior can be, for example, only look at, and if you then close approaches with the phone in his hand on the dashboard, you can see also the switching range and the tempo display in detail and sharp – that is convincing. As well, also an app works called» BikeConfig AR “, which displays a configurable bike.

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In the business area, AR is an exciting topic to quite because customers can look at, as certain products in their house or garage look. Last but not least proves that IKEA partnership with Apple, AR in the apartments is to bring the user. Zenfone AR also with Asus’ can be in the app» iStaging «furniture virtual place in the House on the floor and on the ceiling. The purchase options but call rates in dollars and are likely to be less interesting for German users.

ASUS Zenfone AR is hot and runs short

In addition to the altogether more modest selection of well functioning apps, the heat is another problem of ASUS Zenfone AR. In the augmented-reality mode the phone is very warm, almost hot, after a few minutes so that our tester thought it still reluctant in his hand. Also start demanding apps to the jerking on because the system probably throttles the processor to ignore the heat.

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The battery charge then rapidly slipping into the cellar. Rule of thumb, the device loses approximately one per cent charge per minute. In normal use, the battery mAh quite lush dimensioned itself with 3,300 is relatively quickly empty sucked. In our online run-time test, the Zenfone keeps AR 7:09 hours; the similarly-sized Galaxy S8 plus come on over eleven hours. The charging time is over 2 hours with QuickCharge support something – that’s okay.

Good workmanship, class performance

Also haptically ASUS offers solid level, may compete but not with the best of the market. The ASUS Zenfone AR comes according to the manufacturer with a back made of leather and a metal frame. The leather feels very good for us but not better than high-quality plastic. Despite the roughened surface, the Zenfone is AR partly something slippery in the hand. After all, there are no fingerprints on the cover.

The home button sounds also a bit hollow. In addition we bothered by the edge next to the display, because the screen not in the housing frame seamlessly. You feel this especially when you move from the left side menu column in the image. Bottom line, the processing effect but good to very good to us.

asus smartphone 4

On the other hand, the responsiveness of the user interface is top notch. ASUS sets with the Snapdragon 821 while the last year’s processor top model (the also in the) LG G6 works), whose performance leaves currently but not desired. React to the system, apps and menus go up at once, and also the browser performance like us very much. Compared to devices using Snapdragon 835 falls mainly graphic power is something lower out – but still at a high level. Very quickly the practical fingerprint scanner, which is built into the mechanical Home button responds.

Good photo quality – high level of detail

ASUS uses a phone-cam with extremely high resolution in the Zenfone AR, delivers good image quality. The 23-megapixel photos like with a high level of detail, yet acceptable noise behavior. Full-resolution, the noise in the form of slightly dotted gradients is to detect, but not too disturbing. A subtly working blur has the negative effect of the ultra-high resolution quite well under control. In part, this reduces the texture sharpness on surfaces, the bottom line while the quality we like but good.

At twilight, but to undermine the blur and wiped out some of the details. Which one we like ultimately, but better than you have greatly sharpened photos Huawei P10 or the extremely rushing shots of the Sony Xperia XZ -to mention two cams with similar high resolution. That ASUS uses an optical image stabilizer, some rise are also assessing digicam.

AMOLED display with sunlight weakness

The screen is very large with 5.7 inch and resolves with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels high. If one uses the phone in a VR goggles and buckle in front of his face, man still each one sees pixels and a screen. VR should be only moderately good viewing from 4 k resolution. The AMOLED Panel provides good contrast, rich black and bright colors. However, the screen achieved only a mediocre peak brightness of 374 cd / m ². Indoors, this is no problem, but the Sun directly on the screen reduces the readability. By comparison, the Galaxy S8 comes partly on high-brightness 700 cd / m ².

Dual SIM and mega memory

Our test model of ASUS Zenfone AR offers a 6 GB large memory and effectively 107 GB free usable data storage. In some regions the Zenfone with 8 GB there, as they that OnePlus 5 also offers. So much memory has currently but no significant practical benefits.

The Zenfone AR data storage is expandable via MicroSD card, if you waive the dual SIM capability. Because in the mobile one can be either SIM card or memory card the second insert. In any case, users need to Inductive charging and a replaceable battery. And the status LED indicates only the colors red and green.

asus smartphone 5

Android 7 with gesture control

Android 7.0 runs on the Zenfone AR. When tested in early August, the system with the right current was secured security patch level June 2017. Asus has slightly changed Google’s user interface and adds a few nice features. We feel the opportunity to pull down the notification Center at any point of the home screens without having to resort to in the fairly distant top – very handy. The complementary gesture opens unfortunately contrary to expectations not the app launcher, but a Setup menu for the homescreen.

«In the settings menu you can see» ZenMotion «gestures set to start apps off screen by one wipes letters on the glass surface. The works, but once leads the user to the lock screen. «Light «can be differently when the OnePlus 5 so unfortunately does not switch on. On your system, many apps of from different providers are installed (Facebook for example), which must turn off users when they don’t need it.

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