Abstract is a term that comes from the Latin abstractus, which means something that is the result of an abstraction or an abstraction, or is, is that which exists only in concept and in the idea, not being concrete, real, or true. The abstract is linked to a disaffection of the reality generated by the perception of the senses. Its foundation is created from general concepts, which may not be represented by facts. For example: “The story of the book is very abstract.”

Abstract 2

In philosophy, the abstract means the entire manifestation that does not correspond to any concept or given sensory. It is something whose existence originates from the relations and characteristics are not empirical. That is, it is the result of a processing intellectual, being that it’s a goal can only be understood if it is isolated of the factors that are related directly with reality. For example: “The world of ideas of Plato is very abstract.”

With regard to the figurative meaning, the meaning of the abstract can represent something difficult to comprehend, without clarity, distracted, or unclear. Already in the sense of the colloquial, the term describes something inaccurate and vague. In this way, is the common expression is “pure abstraction”, to designate something that has a limited sense.


Within the grammar, the nouns abstract are those that represent the qualities, states and actions that do not have existence of its own, that is, they are present only in the conception of the mind of each one. For example: beauty, justice, anger, kindness, love, among others.

Already in the Plastic Arts, there is the “abstract Art”, which is manifested through the contents and forms that are unrelated to the figurative representations existing, trascendendo to the external appearances of the real world. This type of art does not hold in terms and concepts linked to material reality. Surrealism is a movement of art and literature that represents well the concept of abstract art. In it, the artists deny the logic and value abstract thought. A great name in art surrealist was Salvador Dalí, who had enough with the abstraction in their works.

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That is, the abstraction contains a reality that there is only in the context of the imagination and has no real connection nor material. For example, a goal may not be based on the cambo abstract.