5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Wedding Rings

Searching for the engagement ring – mostly pure for men. Why? Quite simply – the sweetheart know at this juncture still nothing. Otherwise she could hold back probably hardly so elegantly in this important topic…

Completely different, if it then goes to the wedding rings! Material, decoration, grinding – da will be researched and collected on Pinterest boards like crazy.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Wedding Rings 1

What currently sparkles on the fingers of the future bride and groom? We have requested from Sarah Bellersheim miracle ring ®, the online shop for wedding rings from France.

What trends do you see currently in Verlobungs-and wedding rings?

After years wide rings in both sexes were popular, there is a trend to fine rings between 2 and 3 mm in width – just when the Lady rings plain or adorned with diamonds. These can be combined excellently with other rings such as for example the engagement ring.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Wedding Rings

By the way, this is a trend, just generally can be seen in the jewelry industry: bracelets, chains or rings – multiple colors, structures and materials together carried. We, together intricate rings are very popular because they have the multiple effect. The most popular material for wedding is closely followed white gold, Rosé gold and yellow gold.

What is so special about miracle ring?

I think that wonder ring® design and its offer relaxed at home to seek out the rings for life, stands out. In addition to modern and cool models, we have a variety of playful creations in the collection. For example the diamond rings: A special grinding technique creates beautiful patterns on the surface or lets sparkle the ring as hundreds of fine diamonds were embedded.5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Wedding Rings 2

As a special service, anyone may request our free sample box without any obligation. One chooses his favourite models and receive them as pattern rings home. A set of titanium rings in different sizes is provided. So can the couples home rehearsal wear their rings, friends and family for advice ask and reliably determine the size of the ring.

The engravings there is most – the classic name of + wedding date or something else?

In fact, the most common engravings are a combination of first names or nicknames of the partner and the wedding date. This selects one like symbols such as a heart or the very popular and emblematic character of infinity. There are also very many extraordinary engravings like GPS coordinates (perhaps the place of the first meeting together) or sayings that are divided on both rings and together become one, for example “A life long…” and “…an of your page.”

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Wedding Rings 3

What opportunities are there if the bride wants to wear a separate wedding ring to her engagement ring?

Many rings can be used as both a engagement ring and wedding ring categorized by BRIDGAT.COM. Earlier, as both the woman and the man were wearing engagement rings, this was very common. It is of course also on the taste of the bride. It must be not always the just as popular Solitaire ring with the big diamond. A Mémoire-ring or a simple ring with a diamond can be recognized as both a engagement ring and wedding ring.

I have advised even men have lovingly chosen the right engagement ring from several very simple rings. Men just need to know what style suits the best for his future.

If a couple does not single material or design can agree, what solutions are there then?

Many couples face this situation. Several ring pairs as patterns are ordered, maybe he likes the wider ring of a pair of ring and the design of the other. Or just in our classics, one finds perhaps pleasant a crowning on the inside of the ring and the others like it better without.

In France, it is very common that everyone chooses for his own ring. So the bride may opt for example for yellow gold and the man for white gold. Miracle ring® all rings can be combined individually what our customers very gladly accept. Our ring pairs are as it were only proposals. Who still want to make the rings visually a couple can choose the same model in different colors or different models of the same color.

So please: Don’t wear what you like! A very nice thought: Both find their personal favorite ring, according to your own taste – and yet both rings form a unit. The wedding rings are a symbol that include these two people together and yet everyone has mind of its own.

Sounds like the beginning of a wonderful marriage…