2024 Public Holidays in Serbia

Public Holidays in Serbia in 2024

Serbia, a landlocked country in Southeast Europe, celebrates a mix of religious, cultural, and national holidays throughout the year. These holidays hold significant importance for the Serbian people, reflecting their history, traditions, and religious beliefs. From Orthodox Christian holidays to commemorations of national events, these occasions bring communities together in celebration and reflection. Below is a comprehensive list and description of public holidays in Serbia for the year 2024.

Religious Holidays

Orthodox Christmas – January 7th

Orthodox Christmas is celebrated in Serbia on January 7th, according to the Julian calendar. It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and is one of the most important religious holidays for Serbian Orthodox Christians. The day is marked by church services, family gatherings, traditional meals, and festive decorations. Serbian families exchange gifts and share the joy of the Christmas season.

Orthodox Easter – Date Varies

Orthodox Easter is the most significant religious holiday in Serbia, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The date of Orthodox Easter varies each year based on the Julian calendar. The holiday is observed with special church services, candlelight processions, and the traditional cracking of colored eggs. Serbian families gather for festive meals and share in the joy of Christ’s resurrection.

National Holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1st

New Year’s Day is celebrated in Serbia as a public holiday marking the beginning of the Gregorian calendar year. It is a time for reflection, celebration, and new beginnings. Serbian people gather with family and friends to enjoy festive meals, fireworks displays, and cultural events. New Year’s Day is also an occasion for making resolutions and setting goals for the year ahead.

Statehood Day – February 15th

Statehood Day, also known as Sretenje, commemorates the Serbian revolution against Ottoman rule and the First Serbian Uprising in 1804. It is celebrated on February 15th, marking the date when the First Serbian Constitution was adopted in 1835. Statehood Day is a national holiday in Serbia, marked by official ceremonies, parades, and cultural events honoring Serbia’s history and independence.

Labor Day – May 1st

Labor Day is observed in Serbia as a public holiday honoring the contributions of workers to society. It is a day to advocate for workers’ rights, fair wages, and better working conditions. Serbian trade unions and labor organizations may organize rallies, marches, and demonstrations to highlight labor issues and promote social justice. Many Serbians also enjoy a day off from work to relax and spend time with family.


Serbia celebrates a diverse range of public holidays throughout the year, encompassing religious, cultural, and national observances. From Orthodox Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter to commemorations of historical events like Statehood Day, these holidays play a significant role in Serbian society. They provide opportunities for reflection, celebration, and community bonding, reinforcing the cultural identity and values of the Serbian people.

Public Holiday Date Days Off Groups Celebrating
Orthodox Christmas January 7 1 Serbian Orthodox Christians
Orthodox Easter Date varies 2 Serbian Orthodox Christians
New Year’s Day January 1 1 All
Statehood Day February 15 1 All
Labor Day May 1 1 Workers, All

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