The More Accurate Definition of The Urban Preppy The Has Sfera with The Collection Spring-Summer 2014

I know, sounds extremely pedantic about “urban preppy” but guys, is what it is: Sfera collection for man not could best be described that with that term. And the truth is that it does not surprise me because it has been one of the few firms that, having gotten relatively recently in the world of men’s fashion, faster and better port it has evolved.

This new proposal of the firm commitment by a refined and elegant look in which the preppy style it floods of pastel tones, low returned, summer accessories and combinations based on blazer, sweatshirts, shirts and shorts. We like, we are not going to deceive you, and really like us. We see that do you think.

As we have said, the idea is to bet on a preppy style you escape from the estamapdos and the alpha-numeric as did in his time Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren when they bet on it first. Refined and is reduced to sets where the pastel tones contrast with the darker colors of the blazer, which combined properly with shirts)which if introduced prints), they give rise to a fresh, stylish, youth and above all very summery set.

The formula does not differ much from what other companies have done before: footwear based on nautical or Sandals for more fresh options (with the Netherlands returned, that we remember), and a predominance of add-ins in the set getting to give that personal touch our colour combinations. Tight-fitting silhouettes and feeling warm and summer. And point.

Come on, a collection that is going to come Deluxe to make us a few wardrobe for the summer or spring bottom, that also casting an eye to your collection and your lookbook we can take ideas to get out of our closet clothing but, apart from that, little originality in a style which, as we already have it too trite.