The Complement Not Miss in Your Wardrobe This Season: Tight Black Pants

I have to admit that black trousers are not Holy of my devotion. I imagine that it will be a question of not being accustomed to combine with them or me ending does not sit at all well but I have always been of dark colors in the form of jeans and, insofar as pants, I’ve only got it down to Aubergine tone. Black keeps giving me respect.

But the truth is that Black combined with all and can be a perfect canvas to give more play to our superior garments: blazer, shirts, pullovers, coats… it is easy to gain prominence if we combine them with black pants. And within them and please, fleeing from the meshes, the skinny and the cigarettes are perhaps those who see more street. And if ideas, you calm the street-style to know what they are missing.

Combinations as you see are basically by immense the ease and versatility of the negro to Jell with everyone else. The contrast between cuts can be something interesting, betting on a few skinny and coats or sweaters, oversized, or simply to enhance the earthy colors, cakes and even some other fluorine.

It does not fit any particular record and to be able to get this, I do not think that you find many problems. Then it becomes you or not… is another issue.