Nothing like Starting The Spring with a Good Dose of Denim in The Hands of H & M

The everlasting denim that gives us so much war and headaches… Although during the winter we have seen him rarely, with good weather proliferate the total look in denim as if they were mushrooms and, of course, the big companies low cost they know how take the pull-out a thematic collection appropriate for the occasion.

H & M, similar to Topman did made weeks or Zara, It proposes a series of looks and sets in which denim in its multiple versions is presented in shirts, jackets, trousers, jackets and accessories. Options to combine are not too flagrant, but year after year, it continues conquering the street. Something will be.

Denim include their own variants: from the darkest denim to denim heaven through its version in coarse grain, washed with bleach or the wheel to give you version a heritage and very flattering vintage touch. Thank God aside both the broken and the worker/faded effects such as metal sconces and tacks. You prefer a pure denim that greatly facilitates things when it comes to combine it.

And combined with what? Well mostly with basic, to get to denim take all its prominence. From basic white t-shirts to bakers in shades of grey or black t-shirts. Add-ins achieve much prominence with this option and are prefer flashy to secede the whole before opting to become integrated in the.

Ultimately, and without that surprised no one, more of the same as occurs every year and without any garment that stand out especially. Good opportunity to wardrobe garments but somewhat complicated to make a total look that especially stands out for its originality. Each decides you should be.