Korean Firms That Are Surprising, as for Example, Comfortable Square and Its Collection Spring-Summer 2014

I have to admit that I have fallen in love with me completely comfortable square and his collection Spring-summer 2014. Reminds me in many ways to roll it exudes Topman in their styles and their sets but, according to my understanding, with the very best clothing quality.

A series of pieces in which the naive style is the exponent, a chromatic palette totally varied and eclectic with a predominance of prints of all types on any other graphic expression. If add you a campaign visually very attractive… success is guaranteed.

As we have said, the prints are one of the strong points of the collection. Bet on moles, the houndstooth, tweed or tartan in all and each one of their sets. And not only that, but they are innovating and dare new colour forms to get interesting mixtures including. The discretion is not your business card, that is clear.

The eclectic look defines fairly creative line that have bet: shirts and blazer with tie, mixed with shorts and classic shoe do risky? It is, but it is not bad. The cuts are pretty baggy except some more fitted blazer or the skinny colour pastries that combine colorful shirts and ending of give that touch preppy with returned-bass.

In short, a very joyful collection which, while it seems to take a little bit of everything, put in the blender and see what comes out, follows a very interesting creative pattern, looks very curious preppys and naif and, much as wardrobe to bet and risking a total look, I believe a firm to take into account What do you think?