Ion Fiz Autumn/Winter 2014 / 2015: a Collection Glib But Nice

Here go with the last of the parades that allowed to see its male proposal within the framework of the MBFWMadrid. It is of Ion Fiz, that brings us to the next autumn/winter 2014 / 2015 a collection with very classic and stately dyes which, although initially seem to be more for a costume party to convert it into a trend, it is well thought out, there are several items that deserve our attention.

The small part dedicated to us has had three interesting aspects: the first has been the wrap that follows these lines, precious. The second and more important have been the jackets, with a slim-fit and a size similar to the chalequillos, resulting in a very attractive and young garment. The third has been to maintain the ankle in sight another season, which always like that.

Do you think you men’s terse collection of Ion Fiz?