Elegance and Good Dress, Hand Joints in The Season Autumn-Winter 2014 / 2015 of Aquascutum

Aquascutum It is a British firm of Haute Couture, whose greatest desire is to get a look entirely british, but modernizing to detail all their cuts and accessories. With a style quite similar to which exude signatures of the same caliber as Burberry or Lloyd’s, aims to recover classical with a color palette of earthy tones and dark cuts in which the actual prints (understanding the picture why vichy or tartan) dominate the scene.

Promoting a style quite refined gentleman at Aquascutum, cut classic without being defined as a veneer to the old, mark the season autumn/winter 2014 / 2015 It has some clothes and some looks that really worth to be taken into account.

For the autumn season is supported in the earthy colors and blacks, with pure white bases. Do not play with the cake and just pops out of the two above mentioned shades although it does lack. Cuts in suits are symmetrical but they fit perfectly to the body while in raincoats and American are committed by the Maxi-sizes in collars and long playing well with cuts rather than the colour palette.

Add-ins are pretty pamper, footwear and neckties to be its greatest exponents. Sober and classic style. However, it combines perfectly with the rest of the set than at any time be too anachronistic Freckle. The finished in suede or leather as well as the back skin or foreign liners in shirts and hoods, confer to the looks a more casual tone that not lost elegance in no time.

In short, a collection in which the quality is undoubtedly its strong point, with a very successful and careful tailoring and a few looks that seek to permeate a rejuvenated british that style in clothing us the elegance and good know-how dressing without losing the patterns and classic cuts of British fashion. For lovers of style gentleman, a firm that cannot overlook.