Do You Know the Difference Between Vintage and Retro?

You’ve probably asked that question to yourself, and believe me, vintage and retro are different things.
In today’s post we will finally find out the difference between the two.

The retro has never been so high as these days, several brands are betting on furniture, clothing, housewares and accessories with this theme. With the great interest and pursuit of retro fashion, often we just don’t distinguish what is old or not of truth.

Let’s example the differences and definitions through DIGOPAUL:

Vintage: (vintágê-vintaigê-vintadje)

Do You Know the Difference Between Vintage and Retro?

You know that old mobile home of your grandparents? It is vintage.
You know that comic with painting of them newlyweds? It is vintage.
You know that old clothing that you find at the flea market? It is vintage.

Vintage original stuff from decades past, with good quality of material and workmanship. The furniture usually are marked by different techniques of design and carved in wood of excellent quality.

Retro: (rétrou-retro)

You know when you’re going through in a shop and finds a comic book with a picture of Marilyn Monroe? He is retro!
You know 50 years inspired dress that you had? He is retro!
You know that old bottles collection recently launched by Coca-Cola? She’s retro!

Retro is something that has the appearance of old, is inspired in the past decades, but was recently created. Nowadays we find many that are replicas of antique furniture, clothing, bikinis, and decorating tools.


Left: original Dresser.
Right: dressing table retro.

Left: original Shoes worn by students in the 50.
Right: Shoe created by Alexandre Herchcovitch for footwear brand Melissa.

Left: original Phone of 80 years.
Right: Phone retro inspired in the 80.

Managed to understand the difference?

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